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Retail Strategies for Better Business

Make Consumer Financing Part of Your New Retail Strategies

retail strategiesDo you have a desire to further share your business so that more consumers can have the opportunity to purchase your product? While it’s important to stock quality products, you also need to work on how to engage your target audience and convince them that you’re the organization that deserves their loyalty. Your retail strategies need to be centered around this important step.

The importance of customer service can’t be overstated. Take care of your customers and they’ll keep coming back. So, how do you take care of them? First, how available are you to assist them? Make sure everyone who enters your shop is at the very least greeted with a friendly hello and that you’re there to help.

A popular customer service program in many retail strategies includes a reward program. This lets loyal customers know that you really do appreciate their return business. Furthermore, this is a great marketing tool because they are likely to let their friends and family know about it, which will result in new customers.

If you want your employees to give their all to your clients, it’s important to take care of them. If your employees don’t think you see their value, they’re only going to give you as much as you think they’re worth. Let them know that any concern they might have needs to be heard by management, and commend them when you see that they’re doing a great job.

Another retail strategy that has become valuable for smaller businesses is consumer-financing programs. Why is it so popular? Consumers want more options when it comes to how they spend their money. If they see that you offer consumer financing, they’ll know they can come to you, get what they want now, and pay for it in low monthly installments.

Does your organization sell products that are higher quality and have a higher cost? This can often lead to indecision by consumers who know what they want but aren’t quite financially prepared to make a purchase. When they have consumer financing as an option, they are more likely to make larger purchases.

Loyalty is also important, which is something organizations that have established consumer-financing programs find out quickly. Consumers want financing, and they’ve come to expect it in just about every place they do commerce. When they see that you’re willing to offer them what they want, they become more loyal to your brand.

At The HELPcard, we’ve worked with businesses in a number of industries to provide them customized financing programs. Unlike the big banks, we’ll work with prime and near-prime consumers, which means you’ll be able to offer financing to a wider spectrum of people. Also, the application process is easy and fast. Contact us today and let’s get started on your customized retail financing solution.

Are Your Retail Strategies Personalized?

Retail Strategies That Include Personalization Will Bring in More Customers

retail strategiesConsumers have 24/7 access to goods and services today. They can still go to a brick and mortar shop, but they can also jump online at home and make a purchase on their computer, or they can shop on their smartphones or tablet computers while commuting to work. With so many ways to shop, retail strategies have to be robust.

To reach out to more prospective customers, you have to personalize your retail strategies. Marketers in just about every industry have embraced this as a fact of life now, and their strategies are proof of it. In fact, Gartner reports that companies that use personalization tactics will see their revenues increase up to 15 percent by 2018. So, how can you personalize the shopping experience for your customers?

In some ways, the best personalization comes via predicting what your target market wants. You start by finding out their preferences, and this involves digging into your data. By keeping track of their history with you, the path to what they’ll do in the future becomes clearer. Fortunately, when you lay out all the characteristics of your target audience, you can also predict the behaviors of that demographic, even if they haven’t shopped with you yet.

You can use software such as Microsoft Dynamics 35 or Adobe’s Marketing Cloud solution to assist in tracking the preferences of your customers. You can also get a better insight into customer behavior by doing your own research, such as mailing (snail mail or email) surveys to your customers to find out how they found out about you, how they researched your products, where you’re doing your best and where you could use some improvement.

Another way to personalize is to give your customers options, and not just options in your products. Consumes today want more flexibility in how they spend their money, which is why offering consumer financing is such a popular marketing tactic today. Consumers want to feel empowered, and consumer financing gives them that sense of buying power they might not have otherwise.

Another reason financing has become popular is that when you work with the right financier, you get paid up front and your financing company handles all the paperwork and billing.

Order size also tends to increase when you offer financing. If you want to reach a larger audience, choose a third party that will work with people who have A, B, and C level credit ratings.

At The HELPcard, we’ve built custom consumer financing programs for organizations in a number of industries, and we can do the same for you. If you’re ready to start offering a more personalized approach to doing business, then you need to include us in your retail strategies today.

Retail Strategies for a Changing World

Putting Together Retail Strategies for Consumers in 2017

retail strategiesCustomers come and go. As a retailer, you know keeping them coming back to your business is critical. The ways in which you can achieve this are varied, but retail strategies that work best are the ones that involve a focus on being customer-centric.

You likely already have a general idea about who your target audience is. You may know their age range, marital status, level of education, how far away they live and whether or not they have children. That’s a great start, but today it’s also important to know their social media habits.

The reason you want to learn about their social media habits is because that’s one of the most cost effective ways to reach out to new customers who might be doing online research about products you sell. Every social media platform is a little different, which means the way you deliver content will need to be tweaked to suit each channel. Plus, you will know on which channels to focus more effort. If the bulk of your customer base is using Pinterest over Instagram, you now know where to focus your energy.

To really branch out and connect with a higher number of new customers, you have to find out how your current customers found you. You need to know their opinions about your current line of products and what you could be doing better to please them. One of the best ways to find these answers is to establish a focus group and get some honest answers from current customers.

The best retail strategies consider the needs and wants of your target audience. You’ll know their reading habits and what they like to watch on television. A good strategy also takes into account that these targeted people will also have like-thinking friends and family who could be invited to consider your brand. This is an area where you shouldn’t be shy – ask for referrals.

More consumers today are doing business with retailers who offer financing. Consumer financing is vitally important because it’s something that can be marketed to an untapped audience who will pick you over a competitor because you offer them options at the checkout counter.

Retailers that introduce consumer financing find that they increase their sales and can bring in customers who would otherwise not shop at their business. However, it’s important to have a quick and easy application process if you’re going to see results. Furthermore, your financing program should allow current customers to make additional purchases without having to reapply.

At The HELPcard, we’ve come up with solutions for clients in a number of industries that speak directly to their unique customers. Not everyone operates a business the same, and we are willing and able to work with you to expand your business with customized financing services. Let us add value to your customers’ experience and give you the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can deliver a customized solution for you and your clients.

Retail Strategies for Better Business

Have You Added Consumer Financing as Part of Your Retail Strategies?

retail strategiesAs a brick and mortar retailer, you may feel that it is increasingly challenging to compete against online retailers. However, consumers continue to value their in-store experiences, if they are positive ones. You might have the best products at a fair price, but if there is something lacking in your store, such as adequate customer service, your target audience might go elsewhere, including online. Your retail strategies must continually be updated to effectively market to your target audience.  Here are a few important pieces of your retail strategy:

Hire Wisely

Nothing will more negatively affect a customer’s experience than poor customer service. Retail strategies that include a thorough hiring process and quality training can make a significant difference for your business. You should fully vet your job applicants to ensure they have what it takes to assist your customers and ensure they are happy and want to come back for more business later.

Tracking Technology

Are you keeping an eye out for the latest technology to improve your customers’ retail experience? Try equipping your employees with POS devices that allow them to check out a customer from anywhere in your store. Have you ever bought anything at an Apple store? Notice there is never a line of people waiting to check out. Instead, one of their many employees will take care of you where you’re standing. If crowds are an issue at your store, consider technology that can assist you.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Window displays aren’t a dead concept. In fact, you can pull in pedestrian traffic by focusing on your window displays. Keep changing out your displays on a regular basis for maximum effect. Never let a display sit so long that it collects dust and loses its appeal. Think of your sidewalk facing windows as advertising space and watch new customers file in.

Go Digital

You’ve probably heard that consumers today will research a product using the Internet before they make a purchase, and perhaps even before they come to your store. Make sure your website is full of useful and easy-to-find content that will assist consumers as they educate themselves on your products. Also, be sure to optimize your site for mobile. People spend more time on the Internet using their mobile phones than they do at home on a desktop or laptop. Finally, be sure to make it easy for users to find your phone number. They should be able to touch it and call you.

Offer Consumer Financing

Consumers love to have options when it comes to paying for a product, which is why you need to partner with a third party to build a financing program. When faced with the decision to choose a retailer that offers financing against one that doesn’t, consumers today are picking the retailer with financing.

At The HELPcard, we have years of experience assisting retailers of all kinds. Contact us today and let’s talk about your retail strategies and how consumer financing will help you.