Patient Financing

Gain the Trust of Your Patients With Patient Financing

Why Patient Financing Options Should be a Priority at Your Practice

patient financingIn a perfect world, business owners never experience a tight cash flow. Unfortunately, there comes a time for most business owners where you look at your budget and realize you need to be a little more diligent on how you spend your money. Your patients are probably doing the exact same thing you do at your business, which is why you need to establish patient financing options for them.

While some of your patients come to you for an existing issue that they want to have remedied, others come in for a routine checkup and find out they are in need of a procedure that their insurance might not fully cover. It’s little surprises like this that can catch them off guard, especially where their budget is concerned. There are a few things you need to do to make sure they get the treatment they need:

There may be a few different options for treatment, all of which you’ll need to carefully explain. You can explain which treatment is the most affordable. Maybe it’s not the best solution to the problem, but it can help with the problems they are experiencing and won’t drive them into debt. Then share with them the more comprehensive and costly procedures.

Make sure you discuss fees in advance of any procedure. Have a face-to-face conversation about the fee structure. This type of interaction will also help you establish a better relationship with the patient – they’ll remember that you carefully explained everything to them and they will trust you enough to come back for return visits for years to come.

Getting the news that they are facing an oral health issue can be stressful. It might take a moment for the news to settle in. That’s why you shouldn’t push them to make an immediate decision. You really need to gauge the patient’s readiness to proceed, which takes some instinct and careful study of body language.

Patient Financing
There will be some patients who simply don’t have the money to spend on their oral health out of pocket. Even for patients who do have the money, they might prefer to make low monthly payments via a patient financing program rather than pay the whole cost of treatment in one payment.

Third Parties
Make sure your third party financier will work with people of all types of credit. Rather than choosing one that will only offer financing to people with prime and non-prime credit ratings.

At The HELPcard, we’ve established great relationships with healthcare organizations and have developed customized financing programs for their patients. Contact us today and let’s discuss how our solutions will be a perfect fit for your organization.

4 Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business, With Patient Financing at the Center

Start Growing Your Business With a New Marketing Strategy That Includes Patient Financing

patient financingWhether it’s finding new business to grow your practice or if you’re just getting started and need to fill your calendar with appointments, there are a number of ways to market your business. Patient financing is one of them, and more dentists and orthodontists are realizing the benefit of extending this option to patients.

Staffing Correctly

Your patients are more likely to remember the friendliness of your office staff than they are your expert dental work. If you hire people who know how to communicate and appreciate every patient while paying close attention to the smallest details, your patients will continue to come back. When you hire good employees, you’re also likely to have less turnover, which means less time and expense in training.

Going Social

Social media isn’t just for keeping up with friends and family, it’s also being used as a valuable marketing tool for business.

Start promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – wherever your target audience is most active. Use these channels to talk about relevant issues affecting your industry today. Soon, you’ll build up a community of followers who look forward to your insights. On occasion, you can also use these channels to promote discounts or special events that will help you get more patients.

Community Involvement

Your target audience might see you in the Yellow Pages and they will see your sign in front of your business, but you need to get out and interact with the community so they get to know whom you really are. Volunteer at events, offer your services as a speaker for an upcoming Rotary Club meeting, sponsor a local sports team – get out there and meet the people. This is a great way to gain more business.

Patient Financing

Consumers today expect to be offered a line of credit wherever they spend money. It’s a customer-centric trend that organizations in practically every industry have followed in recent years. For those whose insurance doesn’t cover your services, or only a small portion of the service, they may need another option for payment.

When you offer patient financing, you’re giving them the option to make small monthly payments instead of trying to pay all at once. Many patients walk away from your office without getting the help they need simply because they can’t afford it. But with patient financing, you’re going to have more patients able to follow through with the treatment you recommend.

At The HELPcard, we work with professionals just like you to establish a customized financing solution that helps our clients grow their profits. Furthermore, patient financing can be used in your marketing outreach to pull in more patients. Contact us today and we’ll discuss how our financing programs work for you and for your patients.

How Can Patient Financing Garner Profit?

Patient Financing Leads to Improved Customer Service

offering patient financingDifferentiation from competition is what successful businesses strive for. With the healthcare industry, there is widespread belief that many dentists are all the same in what they offer. You can change that perception and stand out in a crowd by offering patient financing options to go beyond the typical choices that patients usually find.

Dentistry is a complex industry. Many years of education go into what you do, which means the average person/patient can’t be expected to fully understand the complexity of the procedures. To most patients, a filling is a filling, regardless of which experienced professional did the work. While you know there are differences, you may need to focus on other areas to grow your practice, beginning with improving customer service.

Customer service is one of the most important things that keep patients coming back. Business owners know that return service is a key to growth, which is why it’s important to keep patients coming back for regular appointments. So, how can you improve your customer service to keep them coming back and to help promote your practice so others will give you a try?

First and foremost, you know that many patients come in to your office nervous about their procedure, even the small stuff. However, you can relax them with aromatherapy, headphones that play soothing music and drown out the harsh noises, comfortable chairs – perhaps even massaging chairs. Some practices will even offer a hot towel treatment at the end of the procedure to make sure their post-appointment stress is at a minimum.

How much time do you spend educating your patients? Increasingly, people are becoming more invested in their health. Maybe it’s a product of the Internet and the increasing number of patient portals where they can review their exam notes. Whatever the reason, you need to take the time to educate them so they can make informed decisions about their health. The side effect is that they will have a better opinion of you and believe that you’re invested in their well-being.

Is your front office staff reaching out to them after their procedure? This not only helps you provide the best care possible to address any issue that might occur after they leave your office, it’s just another reminder to them that you care. It’s attention like this that makes them sing your praises to their friends and family.

Many Americans struggle with their medical bills. However, when you give them options when it comes to paying for your services, you’re exhibiting a customer-centric behavior that they will appreciate. For example, offering patient financing is a way that allows them to make low monthly payments without negatively affecting their checking account.

At The HELPcard, we’ve established programs for dentists just like you. When you extend patient financing to your clients, you’re going to see improved cash-on-hand and happier customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can set up a financing program for your patients.

Adjust Your Strategy and Bring in Patient Financing to Improve Profits

See How Patient Financing Can Entice More Business

patient financingIf you’re seeing little to no growth in your business, it may be time to take a look at your strategy. What can you do to jump-start your dental practice? Let’s take a look at how you can update your growth plan and the benefits patient financing can bring to your updated strategy.

You’re first focus should be on production. You probably have a long list of patients who have come in once or twice, or maybe were regulars for years, but they’ve since become inactive. Reach out to these people and explain to them how important a regular dental hygiene session is to their dental health. Work on getting them back in for an appointment. This may be an untapped resource that can get you back into the growth column quickly.

It’s not unusual for waste to be an issue with a dental practice. In fact, most businesses, regardless of the industry, can recoup losses by paying closer attention to fairly mundane aspects of doing business. For instance, look at your utility bills and costs associated with telephone usage and internet services. Compare them with what other vendors are offering and see if you can save.

A more careful review of all your purchases will help you determine which ones are unnecessary. Do you have a storage closet that contains valuable supplies? Regularly clean out these areas to make sure you’re not hoarding inventory. Finally, if you have loans that are high interest, now is the time to refinance because interest rates on loans right now are low.

Try reaching out to more potential clients by using social media. This is an inexpensive form of marketing that can be quite effective. Put someone who is social media savvy on the task. Make sure they have the right content, which means you need to work on being informative to your followers and not push your business in an overtly self-promoting way.

When you utilize social media channels, you can promote contests and events that are fun for your followers. You can also use these platforms to inform the public about new treatments that can improve the dental health of everyone from children to senior citizens. Don’t forget to be personable in some of your posts. Let the public get to know what you and your team are all about. This creates more trust and a sense of community that is important in establishing long-term relationships.

Patient financing has also become vitally important to many dentists. When you offer patient financing, you’ll have a larger number of patients accepting treatments that you recommend. Not all insurance companies will cover all of your treatments, which means they’re paying for it out of pocket, and that can be stifling for most budgets. When you offer patient financing, your patients can get the treatment they need now and make low monthly payments later.

At The HELPcard, we have worked with many dentists to provide them with patient financing programs that are built around their specific needs. If you have a percentage of patients who are considered sub-prime in their credit rating, don’t worry – we work with prime and sub-prime applicants. Contact us today and let’s get your practice back on the right track.

What Can Patient Financing do For Your Practice?

The Strengths of Patient Financingpatient financing

Are you seeing between 24 and 50 new patients every month? If the answer is no, then how can you change your marketing strategy to increase the number of new patients coming through your door? With a new marketing strategy and patient financing, you can start seeing immediate results.

Build Your Strategy

To develop your marketing strategy, you have to know what separates you from other practices in your region. Write down a list of strengths and weaknesses. You can usually count on past patient experiences to nail this down. It’s important to be as honest as possible because with a comprehensive list, you’re going to build a better marketing strategy.


Think about where your growth will come from. Are you introducing new technology that you can market to potential customers? Are you adding another dentist to your staff? Are you going to start focusing on more cosmetic procedures? Furthermore, when you look forward to the coming months, is there anything that will threaten business, like the economy or a nearby business shutting its doors. These could affect your current patients and lead to a decline in numbers.


Make sure that you include in your marketing strategy a patient referral program that rewards current patients for bringing new business your way. This works well for dentists that offer it because it makes your current patients feel valued, and they love the chance to save a little money on their next procedure. Furthermore, when your patients tell their friends about you, that type of referral really motivates them because it’s coming from a trusted source.


Another method of improving your flow of patients into your practice is to take a look around at what your competition is doing and do it better. For instance, if you blindly put up an advertisement for $100 off teeth whitening treatments, yet the overall price is still higher than your competition, you’re going to lose money on that advertisement. You need to differentiate yourself, and the way to do that is to know what others are offering.

Patient Financing

One thing you most certainly cannot leave out of your strategy is patient financing. Insurance will only cover a portion of your patients’ bill (or none at all), which is why many of them will decline treatment that they need. Many can make low monthly payments when patient financing is available to them. It’s something that more and more practices are doing today so don’t be left behind.

At The HELPcard, we specialize in assisting practices just like yours with patient financing. Contact us today and let’s begin building a customized solution for you and for your patients.

Developing Your Marketing Strategies for 2017

Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Practice in the New Yearmarketing strategies

As the new year begins, it’s time to start thinking about how to boost your dental practice in 2017. Some tried and true marketing strategies should remain the same while others that have not proven to be should be taken out of your marketing plans for the new year. Let’s take a look at some marketing strategies that could be valuable additions to your marketing plan.

Get Smart With Targeting Your Audience

Are you making full use of the latest technological advances for marketing? Geo-targeting involves reaching out to potential patients within your area. Most people will only be willing to travel so far to their dentist, which means if you live in a large town or city, consider targeting people in nearby zip codes with postcards that introduce your practice to them. Some dentists have experienced an 80 percent increase in new patients by sending out postcards to the same people up to four times a year.

Give Back to the Community

While you’re targeting new patients, consider giving them something of great value to entice them to come to you. While it might be considered a poor business practice to offer expensive work at a discount, there are a percentage of your local residents who don’t have very good insurance, or no insurance at all, yet they still require dental work. Something as little as a 20 percent discount can make an otherwise too-expensive procedure more affordable for a family. You can actually see an increase in revenue by offering value packages that entice new patients to come to you.

Convince Patients to Write Online Reviews

If you’re looking for what equates to free advertising, ask your long-time patients to write a review of their experience either on your website or through your social media channels. Consumers are convinced by online reviews and personal recommendations. When new patients seek out a dentist, they will find everything they can about you online before they schedule a visit. A nice long list of positive references can turn into new patients for you.

Offer Patient Financing

It’s no secret that many health insurance plans don’t cover dental. This is where patient financing can step in to assist. For instance, let’s say a teenager is due for braces, which are quite expensive. Mom and dad find out the out-of-pocket cost is going to be astronomical and they consider skipping braces for their child. However, if you have a patient financing program set up through a third party, those needed braces are back on the table.

Patient financing is great for your marketing strategy as well. Consumers today expect financing anywhere they spend their hard-earned money. At The HELPcard, we offer financing to prime and near prime consumers. Contact us today and let’s begin designing a program that will be a perfect fit for you and your patients.

Boost Business During the Holidays With Patient Financing and a Creative Marketing Plan

Turn the Slow Season Into a Busy One With Patient Financing

patient financingThe holiday season has historically been a slow time for dental practices. Consumers are out in large numbers buying gifts, planning holiday parties, attending year-end work functions and traveling to see family. One of the last items on their list is a visit to your office. You can turn that around with a focused marketing strategy and by generating a patient financing program.

Leverage the holidays to your advantage by tying in holiday-themed promotions to your business. Plan a promotions schedule around the holidays. Once you get your schedule down, you need to focus on your creative side and start planning your content.

First and foremost, you need to make it relevant if you’re going to engage your patients. Coordinate with your staff on newsletters and social media posts that will catch the eye of the already holiday-engaged consumers. You know your patients are going to indulge in sweets that they wouldn’t normally munch on during the rest of the year, so consider that a call to action for them to stay on top of their oral health.

When you create quality content, you’re proving to your patients that you care about their health. They, in turn, will reciprocate with loyalty, which means return business.

Much of your correspondence throughout the year is likely more straightforward, like reminders that a regular cleaning is coming up. You get a little more creative license around the holidays, so use it to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to be festive. You can even offer some special promotions to brighten those smiles at a reduced rate via a special mailer to your patients. They will be more willing to drop in for an appointment during their busy holiday schedule if you offer a discount.

How is your social media game? Social media is becoming an integral part of every healthcare specialist’s marketing plan, but you can use it to boost your activity during the holidays. Try doing a countdown to a healthy New Year on your Facebook page. This can be an engaging promotion that will get your patients jumping into the conversation, generating more views and likes.

If you haven’t already embarked on a patient financing program, the holidays are a perfect time for that. Consumers are out spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, which means if they can get something from you today and pay for it in low monthly installments over time – after the holidays, they will be more likely to make an appointment during this time of the year.

At The HELPcard, we have assisted many dentists just like you in patient financing programs that improve business. Our services target prime and near prime consumers, which means you’re going to be able to reach out to a much wider audience than you would with other financiers. Get in touch with us today and let’s start planning for a more vibrant holiday season.