offering a line of credit

Do You Offer a Line of Credit for Your Consumers That is Easily Accessible?

Capture More Sales With a Line of Credit That Meets Your Customer’s Needs

line of creditToday’s consumers have not only an expectation of being offered financing options with a line of credit, but also that it will be quick and easy to obtain. If you’re not offering a way for your customers to access credit, you may be missing profitable sales.

There are many options out there for credit sources, but most of them specialize in one particular area: customers with good or perfect credit. It’s harder for those with no credit history or a less-than-perfect score to get the funds they need to make a purchase, and that’s where you lose sales.

Bringing in a third-party vendor allows you to offer a line of credit where you would otherwise have to say good-bye to a customer. Not all vendors are the same, though, so you want to check to be sure your vendor offers the following:

Online application process: Your customers, and in particular your Millennial customers, are accustomed to doing the bulk of their business online. A paper application may send the message that you’re behind in keeping up with the latest trends. Look for a vendor that offers a quick online process.

Immediate credit decisions: If your customer has to wait to hear whether they’ve received a line of credit, you’re more likely to lose the sale. Look for a third-party credit supplier that can offer an immediate decision, within minutes of the application being submitted.

Individual account attention: Your credit vendor should offer a high level of customer service to your customers, with accounts managed on an individual basis. When choosing between line of credit vendors, be sure that your decision is focused on the experience of the customer. Your customer isn’t likely to draw clear lines between the service they receive from you and the service they receive from a credit vendor, so make sure you choose a vendor that has a similar approach to customer service that you embrace.

Here’s the short list of what you need to look for when choosing a vendor:

  • Payment plans that can be tailored to the customer’s needs
  • Clear explanation of terms and conditions
  • The ability to function where you need it (in the online shopping cart or at the point of sale)

When your customers need a line of credit, connect them with The HELPcard. Immediate credit decisions, an easy, short application and superior customer service; The HELPcard offers all the options you want for your customers. Don’t miss out on sales due to a lack of convenient financing. Offer The HELPcard and provide a seamless customer experience.

Offering Consumers a Line of Credit for Better Business

Loyalty in Patients Rises With Financing Options That Include a Line of Credit

line of creditMost dentists can probably agree that there are specific aspects of their business that could be improved. One aspect that many forget to or don’t know to include in this focus on improvement is the options patients have in how they pay for their care, including offering a line of credit. Consider these tips if you’re currently looking to improve loyalty, patient satisfaction and profits at your practice.

  • Improve Your Front Office
    This is a major part of every organization that has face-to-face interaction with clients. Your clients will base a majority of their opinions about your services on the first minute they have with your front office personnel. Your client should be greeted by name, with eye contact and a friendly smile. Make certain that you hire people who are capable of offering a sincere exchange with clients.
  • Listen Intently
    You might get the same question every day, but it could be the first time this patient has ever asked it, and it’s important to them. Don’t interrupt them, paraphrase their question back to them to show you were listening, and respond accordingly, making sure the patient understands what you’re saying.
  • Ask for Feedback
    The most valuable information you can get about how you’re doing is going to come from people who have experienced your services. Offer patients a satisfaction survey they can fill out on their own time. Through these surveys, ascertain where you’re failing and where you’re excelling, and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Offer Referral Discounts
    Dentists who give their clients a discount for every new patient referral not only improve loyalty among their regulars, they also see an influx of new patients, which is one of the most difficult aspect of growing a business.
  • Use Social Media
    You want the community to know you care about their health. By establishing a social media presence, you can offer up interesting topics of discussion about dental hygiene, thus creating an online community that looks to your social media pages and your practice as a “thought leader” on the subject. The by-product is that you get more earned media attention, which is effectively free advertising.
  • Offer a Line of Credit
    Healthcare costs can keep a patient from coming back to you or even coming to you for the initial visit. Consumers today expect options when it comes to paying for goods and services. With a line of credit, you can open up a new door to your community, giving them access to the healthcare they need while catering to their preferred method of payment.

The HELPcard is a company that specializes in offering line of credit services to dentists. Our solution is simple, yet gives consumers the kind of empowerment they’re looking for in maximizing their financial potential. Contact us today and we’ll explain how it will work with your practice.