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Does Your Marketing Strategy Include Top Trends Like Offering a Line of Credit for Customers?

Open a Line of Credit for Your Customers

line of creditThere is always something new to try in an effort to grow your business. Some of these “new” trends are actually age-old marketing methods that are simply seeing resurgence. Some tried and true marketing strategies will always be important tools for business growth. One thing that is here to stay is offering a line of credit to keep your current customers happy and to attract new business. What are some new trends that you can add to your retail marketing strategy today?

15 percent of consumers prefer to rent products rather than buy them. The most popular rented products include exercise equipment, consumer electronics and furniture. It’s really catching on with millennials, the newest group of consumers that are making a big impact on the economy. Would setting up rental operations make sense for your business?

Setting up a loyalty program should be on the list of things to do this year for all businesses- it’s another retail trend that is influencing buyers. Loyalty programs offer special deals to customers who frequent your business. They often include a discount on various products as a way to say thanks to your biggest fans.

You can also put a little more pizzazz in your loyalty program by tying it in with an environmentally friendly cause such as recycling. For instance, you could offer rewards to people who make good life decisions, such as recycling or exercising or volunteering. Think of ways your organization can embrace this and maybe you’ll earn some free media support that leads to a heightened brand image.

It is important as a retail business today to focus on being customer centric. It’s a model that relies on big data that is used to understand the target audience more thoroughly. When you analyze the data you see where your target audience is becoming educated on the products in your industry. You see how much they buy and how often. It’s a smart way to gain new customers and really cater to a target audience that is suddenly easy to identify.

Part of that customer centric focus involves giving your customers choices at checkout. Cash, traditional credit card and debit cards are the most popular, but a new version of a line of credit is emerging as a perfect addition to the checkout process. Opening a line of credit through a third party financier can help you reach a new audience, especially if the financier operates in a more non-traditional way. These are companies that can work with prime and near-prime consumers.

The HELPcard operates just like a credit card, but the application process is much easier, and credit is made available to a larger category of people. Whether you’ve got A, B, or C credit, The HELPcard can give you more spending power so consumers canyou’re your products or services now and pay for them in low monthly payments. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can help your customers with a line of credit.

Realize Better Customer Retention by Offering a Line of Credit

Offering a Line of Credit is a Valuable Part of Improving Business

line of creditWhether you’re a retailer or offering professional services, getting noticed by the general public is just one of  the challenges you face as a business owner. Your next task is to give your customers a reason to do business with you and to continue coming back again and again. You can achieve these goals through a number of ways, including offering a line of credit.

For retailers, product placement is vital. For example, items with the best profit margin are often placed at eye level while those that offer less return on your investment go to the lower shelves. Furthermore, placing small items at the checkout counter can also prove to be a smart move as people waiting in line peruse these items and pick them up as an impulse buy.

Offering specials on bulk purchases can influence more traffic through your doors. For example, your data on bought items will reveal what customers tend to purchase together. You can bundle those items and offer a discount in your advertising, which makes your store a destination. Once they’re in, customers will see what other items you have on your shelves and make purchases outside of the advertised items. It’s a quick way to pull in traffic and drive up sales.

If your employees can’t answer questions about your sale items that your customers have, the customer is likely going to walk out and not come back. Furthermore, your employees need to know how to handle customer objections with fact-based answers. Do you have an item that is currently out of stock? Make sure your employees know the best alternatives to suggest to your customers.

You should be the expert when it comes to the products you sell. Your customers will come away from an experience at your store knowing they’ve purchased the exact item they need through the expert advice of your employees. It’s a service that results in loyalty and return business time and again.

Just as you give your customers options when it comes to the products and services you provide, you should also extend to them options in how they pay. Offering a line of credit is something consumers have come to expect in nearly every business transaction in which they are involved. From funeral parlors to dental offices, a line of credit gives consumers an option for paying for goods and services.

Some of the best results are realized when you partner with a financier that can offer a line of credit to prime and near-prime consumers. This opens up a new realm of possibilities for your business and for your profit margins. The HELPcard is an organization that will fit your needs and the needs of your customers. Contact us today and let’s discuss a solution that will work for you.

Offer a Line of Credit to Your Customers and Increase Your Business

See More Traffic by Offering Customers a Line of Credit

line of creditAre you looking to pull in more traffic to your business, either foot traffic or web traffic? Shake things up a bit and see how you can impact your bottom line. Here are a number of methods others have used to go from stagnant to busy, including offering customers an instant line of credit.

1. Get Involved With the Community
Your organization needs a face that people can connect with. You might be doing all the right advertising, but have you properly marketed yourself to your community? Get involved in volunteer situations, like vying for a board seat on a local social service board or be a sponsor for a local softball league team. The more you can show your community that you care, the more they will care about your business.

2. Meet Your Community Leaders
Similar to getting involved in a social service aspect, you can also get involved in the local Chamber of Commerce and/or Rotary clubs and offer yourself as an industry expert for speaking events. You can also attend non-business related events and get to know people on a more personal level.

3. Give Your Product Away
Don’t feel the need to take a loss here on an extravagant gift, but make an investment in a program where you give away a specific product or service. Remember, the larger the prize, the more publicity you’re going to get, which means that the product or service you’re giving away will pay for itself and then some. Maybe it’s a raffle at a local county fair or an online-only giveaway that pulls more traffic to your organization.

4. Organize an Event
The toughest aspect of most events is the planning. If you’ve got the time, sponsoring a 5K on Thanksgiving or even a marathon in the spring or late summer are socially responsible events that pull active folks out of the woodwork and make them familiar with your brand. Pull in other sponsors to see if they can assist you and share the publicity.

5. Improve Your Customer Service
Take a look at who is at the front of your store or the point of contact at your organization. Are they customer-centric? Would you describe them as “people persons”? You can offer excellent products at fair prices, but if your outward facing employees aren’t kind, you’re going to see that impact in your sales. Make sure you’re bringing in people to work for you that are service oriented.

6. Offer a Line of Credit
Consumers today are highly interested in doing business with an organization that offers a line of credit for purchases. Instead of making one lump sum payment, they want the option to make low monthly payments so their dollars stretch a little farther. Remember to partner with a financier that knows your industry and will offer financing to prime and near-prime consumers. Then you’ll attract a wider variety of consumers, not just the ones with perfect credit.

The HELPcard is a company that can build a financing program around your wants and the needs of your customer base. If you’ve been looking to establish a line of credit for your customers, contact HELPcard today.

Looking for a New Marketing Strategy? Try a Revolving Line of Credit

Offering a Revolving Line of Credit for Pet Owners Can Increaserevolving line of credit Business

Americans spend nearly $60 billion a year on their cats, dogs and other animals. Are you getting your fair share at your pet grooming business? There are a number of marketing ideas to consider, however, don’t forget to research the benefits of offering a revolving line of credit to pull in more customers.

Go Above and Beyond

If you’re really trying to make an impression on your customers, remember to meet their needs and then take it a step further. For instance, most pet owners want their furry friends to come out of your shop looking good and smelling nice. You can do extremely small things on top of that to make a big impression. If you’ve got dogs coming in for grooming around a holiday, why not give them a holiday themed bandana to wear? Bandanas can be bought in bulk to reduce your cost. Despite the small cost to your business, it’s going to make a big impression on your clients who will then recommend you to their friends and family.

Social Media

Give your business a page of its own on your favorite social media platforms. You can utilize Instagram to post pictures of your freshly groomed dogs, and perhaps even offer a before and after post. Pets are quite popular on Instagram, which means if your hashtag game is on, you’ll be able to put your business in front of many eyes (300 million users are active on a monthly basis).

Web Functionality

Have you optimized your website lately? Is it mobile friendly? Look around on it like you’re a new user and make sure the user experience is flawless. Your mobile site should be complete with maps and phone numbers that can be clicked on for immediate access.

Reward Customers

Something as simple as a rewards program can give your clients a little boost of loyalty to your business. Offering discounts and rewards to frequent customers not only ensures that they’ll return, it could also be what convinces them to talk you up to others about your services, which pushes more business your way.

Consumers Want Payment Options

Consumers can get a revolving line of credit just about anywhere they spend money today. It’s so commonplace that it only makes sense for you to get into the financing game yourself. This isn’t to say that you should become a financier – you should go to a third party that has experience.

Pet grooming is considered by many to be a luxury. In some cases, depending on the breed of the animal, it’s a necessity. Unfortunately, the expense might be significant for some clients or potential clients. When you offer a revolving line of credit, you’re giving these individuals a way to pay for your services without stress. Instead of a one-time payment, they can spread it out with several small monthly payments.

The HELPcard is here to help your small business gain the attention of more clients. Our services offer financing to prime and near prime consumers. Contact us today and we’ll talk about how we’ll set up a credit card program for your business.

Line of Credit for Pet Owners: Improving Your Bottom Line

Offering Pet Owners a Line of Credit for Pet Needs Leads to Increased Sales

line of creditWould it surprise you to find out that Americans spend billions of dollars a year on their pets? The way pet owners approach their animals is changing, and there are more households with pets today than ever. What is your business doing to capture some of this revenue? Establishing a line of credit for your target audience can help to improve your financial position.

According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) 2013-2014 survey, 82.5 million households in the U.S. now have at least one pet. The U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook claims that each dog will incur around $200 in vet expenses per year, while cats average around $80. However, that’s only part of the picture. The APPA says $23 billion is spent on food and $14.3 billion on supplies. There are opportunities for pet retailers and veterinarians to capture some of this revenue.

Pet ownership continues to grow. For instance, the APPA’s first survey of its kind was in 1988 when only 56 percent of households in the U.S. owned a pet. Dogs and cats account for the bulk of pets in households today, but the National Pet Owners Survey found that there are 12 million households with freshwater fish, 6 million with birds, 2.5 million horses, 4.9 million with reptiles, and 5.4 million with “small animals.”

Getting a bigger share of the $60 billion being spent on animals today could include a few in-house improvements, like marketing. You don’t have to spend a large amount of money on marketing to see some success. For instance, have you developed a social media strategy? If you are short on staff knowledgeable in social media best practices, hire a consultant to get you started and show you how to maintain a strong social media presence.

Improvements in customer service can drastically improve your productivity. Make sure everyone on your staff is educated in customer service techniques that make them feel valuable. This alone can separate you from your competitors.

Consumers today have options in how they spend their money. Many businesses are seeing improvements in cash flow once they establish a line of credit for their clients. For consumers who are faced with an option to do business with a company that offers a line of credit and one that doesn’t, most will go to the one with the line of credit.

The HELPcard is an organization that specializes in consumer financing programs for consumers with A, B and C credit. Our solutions help our clients increase their cash flow through programs that offer consumers low monthly payments. Experience shows that our solutions increase sales and grow businesses. Our application process is easy and our line of credit for consumers gives them the ability to purchase more products without having to reapply. Contact us today and we’ll discuss a personalized approach to your business.

Offering Consumers a Line of Credit for Better Business

Loyalty in Patients Rises With Financing Options That Include a Line of Credit

line of creditMost dentists can probably agree that there are specific aspects of their business that could be improved. One aspect that many forget to or don’t know to include in this focus on improvement is the options patients have in how they pay for their care, including offering a line of credit. Consider these tips if you’re currently looking to improve loyalty, patient satisfaction and profits at your practice.

  • Improve Your Front Office
    This is a major part of every organization that has face-to-face interaction with clients. Your clients will base a majority of their opinions about your services on the first minute they have with your front office personnel. Your client should be greeted by name, with eye contact and a friendly smile. Make certain that you hire people who are capable of offering a sincere exchange with clients.
  • Listen Intently
    You might get the same question every day, but it could be the first time this patient has ever asked it, and it’s important to them. Don’t interrupt them, paraphrase their question back to them to show you were listening, and respond accordingly, making sure the patient understands what you’re saying.
  • Ask for Feedback
    The most valuable information you can get about how you’re doing is going to come from people who have experienced your services. Offer patients a satisfaction survey they can fill out on their own time. Through these surveys, ascertain where you’re failing and where you’re excelling, and make the necessary adjustments.
  • Offer Referral Discounts
    Dentists who give their clients a discount for every new patient referral not only improve loyalty among their regulars, they also see an influx of new patients, which is one of the most difficult aspect of growing a business.
  • Use Social Media
    You want the community to know you care about their health. By establishing a social media presence, you can offer up interesting topics of discussion about dental hygiene, thus creating an online community that looks to your social media pages and your practice as a “thought leader” on the subject. The by-product is that you get more earned media attention, which is effectively free advertising.
  • Offer a Line of Credit
    Healthcare costs can keep a patient from coming back to you or even coming to you for the initial visit. Consumers today expect options when it comes to paying for goods and services. With a line of credit, you can open up a new door to your community, giving them access to the healthcare they need while catering to their preferred method of payment.

The HELPcard is a company that specializes in offering line of credit services to dentists. Our solution is simple, yet gives consumers the kind of empowerment they’re looking for in maximizing their financial potential. Contact us today and we’ll explain how it will work with your practice.

Do Your Consumers Live Paycheck to Paycheck?

Do your Customers Live Paycheck to Paycheck? According to the CFED, (Corporation for Enterprise Development) nearly half of Americans are living in a state of “persistent economic insecurity”. The CFED report, published in Time Magazine says that 44% of Americans have little or no savings. To bring this closer to home, how many of your employees could write a check for an unexpected expense of $1,000 or more? How many of your employees who should value the product or services that you sell, would be in “trouble” if their next paycheck was delayed a week or two?
Consumer financing is a vital part of most industries who sell products or services with ticket prices exceeding $1,000. In fact, many industries know the majority of their customers are “payment” shoppers. The auto and furniture industries as well as premium electronics rely on financing for the majority of their sales.
There are several types of financing options for merchants to offer.
1) Installment loans are usually less expensive for the merchant to offer as the lender has less risk and less “compliance” costs, but are a real burden for the merchant hoping for repeat business.
2) Revolving credit encourages repeat usage, thus more sales but have higher credit risks and much higher regulatory and compliance costs to the merchant. Another benefit for revolving credit is that often there is much less “paper work” for the consumer and quicker decisions made. This is especially true if the revolving line of credit is through the credit card model that most consumers are familiar with.
3) Self-financing has been around for years, but the costs and skills now required to make good credit decisions coupled with many new consumer protection laws recently enacted have made this type credit less desirable than in the past. Most businesses seriously under estimate the true costs of in house financing.
Granting credit wisely has become an industry of its own. Credit bureau scores have been available since 1969 but new companies are emerging to offer information to better predict coming bankruptcies, to detect consumer fraud, and to better evaluate the non-banked consumers. It is estimated that more than 20% of the U.S. population does not use banks as a way to manage their money, yet some of these folks still want and are worthy of credit.
By providing a third party finance company that offers a compliant product and has access to many of the data becoming available beyond Credit Bureau agencies; your business can improve sales, minimize Accounts Receivables and have confidence that the lines of credit are being handled according to the strict guidelines of the Federal Agencies.

About the Author: T. Warren Center, DMD is the CEO at Dent-A-Med, Inc. Dent-A-Med, founded in 1983, offers many private label revolving credit cards like, The HELPcard. Dr. Center received his Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree at the University of Louisville, Kentucky and has lectured all around the nation on the topic of practice management in dentistry.