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Top Marketing Tips for Your Home Improvement Company Include Financing Options

financing options

Financing Options Provide the Catalyst for More Business

As the owner of a home improvement company, you are likely too busy to get involved in the marketing of your business on a regular basis. The same could probably be said with owners and operators of just about any type of company. However, there are a few tips you can implement that can help you further your marketing reach on a limited schedule. Furthermore, offering financing options is something that you can do that is managed by a third party – which means no time commitment is required.

Go Social

One of the best choices for marketing a business today is on social media platforms. However, in order for this channel to provide value, it has to be tackled with a strategic plan. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Rather than offering up run-of-the-mill status updates, get invested in features that can push your business.

Facebook has a tool called ads manager, which allows you to create ads in a simple, easy-to-develop format. It will actually guide you through how to create an ad that will impact your target audience. You can choose from many demographics, including gender, geographic location, interests, etc. This should be easy, as you already know who your target audience is and what attributes define them.

Use Reviews

The longer you’re in business, the more access you’ll have to client reviews that put you in the best light. You can spearhead a marketing campaign with positive reviews, especially in your SEO outreach. Positive reviews prove that you’re providing a service that positively affects your clients, which is something search engines want to see.

When you make good use of your positive reviews, you’ll see better rankings in search. It doesn’t hurt to ask your clients before they have a chance to leave a review to ask them what you can do to make sure the review they leave is a positive one. Your future clients want proof that you can do a great job, and reviews give them solid proof that you can.

Financing Options

Despite the effort you put into building ads, buying ad space, nailing your social media marketing and proving to future clients that your work is second to none, you still might not be able to land a certain percentage of your target market. They are sold on your abilities, but they may not be able to pay up front. This is where bringing financing options into the mix will make a huge difference in your bottom line.

When you partner with a third party to offer a financing program, you’re opening the doors to a new demographic. Rather than put down a large sum of money for your services, they have the option to make low monthly payments. This can be a make or break situation for many of your potential clients.

At The HELPcard, we have worked with businesses just like yours, setting up financing programs that are a custom fit for you and your customers. We also work with near prime consumers – that segment of the population that the big banks shun, which means your target demographic will be wider. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can build a program for you.

Do You Have Secondary Financing Options? Consider Consumer Financing

Why You Need Both Primary and Secondary Consumer Financing Options

financing optionsAre you looking to increase your sales? Many retailers are finding that when they have primary and secondary financing options, their ability to increase sales comes much easier. Many retailers have just stuck to their primary lenders for these financing solutions, but more and more, they’re finding that they only cater to consumers with excellent credit. This is where resourcing a secondary option comes in handy – not just for your bottom line, but for the improvement to customer satisfaction.

It’s a rather unsettling situation that consumers find themselves in: they are at the checkout counter and the clerk asks them if they want to apply for a line of credit. They answer “yes,” take the time to fill out the form and find out they don’t qualify because their credit scores are “too low.” This makes consumers wary of applying again, and could have a troubling impact on their perception of your company. However, there is a way to salvage this relationship, and it has to do with secondary financing.

The best consumer credit scores are often classified in the A range. Anything below perfection is downgraded to a B or C level. While primary lenders may deny credit to these consumers, they’re not always a risk. They are perfectly capable of living up to the terms of a financing contract, but they’re not given the chance to. When you partner with a financier that works with B and C level consumers, you’re putting yourself in a position to gain more business.

One of your top priorities as a retailer is to give your customers a great experience. You likely spend a lot of time and effort arranging products in the most attractive positions, training employees to be an excellent face of the company and bend over backwards to please consumers. Even if you have a strong brick and mortar presence, you also need to focus on online marketing and sales in an effort to pull in more business.

Not all consumers are going to have the finances to come in and make a big purchase and pay in full. When you offer consumer financing, you’re giving them the option to walk out with that product while they make low monthly payments.

When you work with the right financier, you’re going to get a quick and easy application process that won’t intimidate the consumer. It’s got to be free to apply, and it’s got to be a financier that will cater to all types of consumers, even the ones with less than perfect credit scores. This is the kind of flexibility consumers are looking for.

When you partner with The HELPcard, you’re getting everything you need to make your customers feel at ease and empowered. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we’ll customize a financing program for you.

Are You Looking for Marketing Trends to Help Bring Customers in the Door?

Top Marketing Trends for Building Your Customer Base

marketing trendsAre you grappling with how to compete with online stores? As a brick and mortar store today, one of the challenges you face is how to compete with stores who operate in the cloud. Fortunately, there are marketing trends that you can implement to help you stay in the game for consumer purchases.

Big companies that were once staples in every town have recently started making online sales more of their market and closing some local stores. Sears, JC Penney and book giant Barnes & Noble have less of a brick and mortar footprint today. However, you can actually use the Internet to build up your shop. For example, using social media marketing, you can entice more foot traffic to come through the doors of your store.

When it comes to social media marketing trends, you need to create quality content and share it with your target audience. You can become a thought leader in your industry by leveraging social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Are you encouraging your customers to provide feedback about their in-store experiences? Marketing trends in this area are showing great results. Reviews and testimonials are powerful tools because consumers really trust them to help inform them on their future purchases. You should take your best reviews and post them where others can see them – most likely on your social media sites. Also, if you receive a negative review, respond to it with tact and positivity. Poor management of negative reviews can sink a company, fast.

Have you considered consumer financing? Bringing in a third party to set up a financing program for your customers is an excellent way to bring growth to your operation. You can also market the fact that you offer financing.

Make sure you use a financier that will customize programs; every business is different and requires a solution that suits their exact needs. Choose a partner that offers dynamic, revolving lines of credit for just about any type of opportunity.

Also, make sure they cater to consumers with a variety of credit types. Most of the big bank lenders will only work with people with A credit. However, when you have a program that works with people who have A, B and C credit, you’re going to vastly improve your customer satisfaction.

At The HELPcard, we’ve got years of experience working with business owners in many industries. Our services have helped them to increase sales and grow their business. Our application process is quick and easy, which is one of the reasons so many consumers find our services to be quite the opposite of the hassle they get elsewhere when they apply for in-store credit. Our solutions also allow consumers to purchase additional products without reapplying. Contact us today and let’s get you started on a path to success.

Need a Sales Boost? Offer Instant Credit

Providing Instant Credit is Important to Consumers

instant creditThe more you can do for your customers, the more they’re going to spend with you. This includes giving them options when it comes to paying for your goods/services. While organizations that offer high-ticket items certainly benefit from offering financing, shops that offer more affordable items can also benefit by offering services that include instant credit.

PayPal had comScore, a company that measures brands and consumer behavior, do a study about credit and its impact on consumers. They found that 25 percent of those who used PayPal’s consumer financing said they would not have made the purchase if it hadn’t been for the credit available to them. This should give every business owner a reason to pursue this topic further.

A good example of how using financing as a payment option works includes a business owner who sells high-end music equipment. The people interested in these items have a commitment to creating the best sounds they can, yet they might not have enough money in their checking account to pay for it outright. These customers are perfect candidates for financing programs.

If you think it’s just the large companies and big-box retailers offering instant credit to their customers, you’re mistaken. Even the small shops are offering financing to increase sales. In fact, small- to medium-sized businesses are taking advantage of financing programs that some of the retailers miss out on. More often than not, big businesses go with big banks for their credit programs, which means they’re only able to offer instant credit to prime credit consumers.

When you go through a third party for your financing needs, choose a company that offers instant credit to A, B, and C rated consumers. These are prime and near prime consumers who are sometimes left in the lurch where financing is concerned, yet are perfectly able to honor the agreements that pertain to having a credit account.

When you choose a financier to set up your financing service, make sure they offer a quick and easy application process followed by a fast determination of whether or not the applicant will be approved. Many consumers get hung up on this aspect because they have probably been through a lengthy ordeal, only to be denied. Therefore, choosing the right financier that can offer a quick and easy application and approval process is critical.

What business owners who establish financing programs have found is that they see more return business because their customers really appreciate the convenience of making a purchase, taking their product home and paying for it in low monthly installments. It’s a courtesy that more consumers are coming to expect from the places they choose to spend their money.

At The HELPcard, we have established an application process that doesn’t make your customers wait nervously for a response. We also offer lines of credit to more than just prime consumers – we’re able to set your A, B and C credit-rated consumers with financing. This gives you a chance to sell more products and develop stronger relationships with your current customers while attracting more.

Secondary Financing Options: Building a Path to Growth

How Financing Options Work for Retailers and Consumers

financing optionsAmong the fastest growing trends for retailers today is consumer financing. As lending platforms become more innovative, more opportunities are opened to consumers. Financing options, therefore, are important to everyone from retailers to consumers.

When consumers have financing options, they feel a sense of empowerment, so much so that around two-thirds of financed consumers will return to your business at least one additional time purchasing $500 worth of merchandise or more. Almost 30 percent will do this three to five times.

Security is an issue when considering financing options as it has become more common for breaches to occur. Fortunately, there is payment technology available that keeps consumer data more secure. The application process that utilizes this technology also provides a faster, smoother transaction.

Financing options offer clear advantages to you as a retailer, while giving consumers what they want. With the right financing program, you will see a larger percentage of applicants approved for credit, which means their loyalty to your brand increases, as do their purchase amounts. However, not all financing options are created equal.

The multi-lender solutions are among the best financing options out there today. Instead of relying on a primary lender, which often excludes everyone except the prime consumers, retailers are finding a more customer-friendly option to be the multi-lender solution.

It’s estimated that nearly half of all consumers who apply for primary credit aren’t getting approved with the traditional in-store application process. When they apply online for primary credit, only 25 percent are finding success, according to a report about retail consumer financing trends from Vyze. The unfortunate side effect is that these consumers experience a negative feeling and that reflects poorly on your brand.

The fear of being denied credit is what leads to an estimated 28 percent of consumers from even attempting to gain financing. For those that are declined, they often ditch their cart, or they’ll downsize it significantly.

When you go with a multi-lender process, the near-prime consumers are approved at a much larger rate. Customers who don’t have perfect credit histories can still have financing options when you partner with a financier that will work with near-prime consumers.

At The HELPcard, we know your customers aren’t all prime-level consumers, but they deserve financing options, too. In fact, we specialize in offering financing to consumer with A, B and C credit. Our clients tell us about how their business has grown due to this wider availability to more consumers. We’re confident that our solutions will improve cash flow for you just as they have for our current clients. Contact us today and let’s discuss how it works.

Contractors and Financing Options – The Perfect Mix

How Financing Options Can Lead to More Business

financing optionsHome improvements are an important part of owning a home, but for many home owners they are a cost that can be difficult to pay for. For this reason, it’s important to consider giving your clients options when it comes to paying for your services, including financing options.

According to the Certified Contractors Network, around half of all home improvement projects over $5,000 require the homeowner to use credit or financing. In some cases, the reason this happens is because the family didn’t have time to save up for the project. Perhaps a windstorm blew a tree branch into the house or a flood completely wrecked the basement; they find themselves in a sudden pinch and require financing options to make their home livable again.

Even when a home remodeling project is planned, financing options still make sense. Many homeowners want that option of low monthly payments rather than having to come up with the entire cost of the project at once. Regardless of what their reasons are, customers are more likely to choose a contractor that offers financing.

One of the perks of having a financing option is that you can use it in your marketing strategy and appeal to more clients. Experience shows that contractors with financing options are able to attract more customers and keep them longer, which means they develop a sense of loyalty with you.

However, you have to choose wisely when you bring a financier in to assist you with a financing program. Your best bet is to pick one that caters to prime and near-prime consumers. The big banks are often less likely to extend financing to a consumer with less than perfect credit, which means you end up losing out on business.

Instead, choose a tiered financing program, one that can offer financing to up to 50 percent of the consumers denied by prime lenders. With the right financier, you will see an uptick in business. When you take on a new client who has been denied in the past, they are more likely to give referrals, which is essentially free advertising for you.

When you bring The HELPcard in to assist you with your financing program, you get a company with experience in customizing solutions that fit the client. Furthermore, we can do the following for you:

  • Offer a wide variety of promotional options to give you the competitive edge
  • Increase your sales and grow your business
  • Create a line of credit for consumers to make further purchases without reapplying
  • Add value to the customer’s experience, which leads to better loyalty
  • Provide an easy application process

If you’re looking to bring in more business, contact us today and we’ll discuss a customized option that is sure to give a boost to your profits.

Financing Options Are a Perfect Fit for Your Marketing Strategy

See Your Business Objectives Met With Financing Options

financing optionsHave you been reluctant to get an effective marketing strategy rolling due to fear that it will cost too much? Perhaps it’s just a lack of marketing experience that’s keeping you from trying to market your business, your brand, and achieve greater profits? There are a number of marketing moves you can make that aren’t too complex, including the prospect of offering financing options to your customers.

Before you can implement a strategy, you need to know what your business is all about, where it stands against its competitors, how it’s unique, and who your target audience is. Knowing the answers to these questions will help you when you create content for your marketing channels, which include blogs, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – whichever ones are the best fit for your target audience), e-newsletters, email and other marketing channels that help you get the word out about your brand.

Not all business owners will have the time or energy to devote to this task. Make sure you assign these duties to a tech-savvy employee who will relish in putting the word out about your brand. You can also consider hiring a marketing company to assist you so you can focus your time on other aspects of your business.

Another marketing nugget you can investigate involves financing options for your customers. The reason this is a marketing topic is because consumers today are looking to do business with brands that offer financing. They want more control over how they spend their money, and having a chance to make a purchase and pay low monthly installments on consumer financing is something that is important to today’s customers. When you develop marketing content, include that you offer financing options to bring in new customers and keep current customers coming back.

The goal of most marketing strategies is to put the word out about the brand, inform consumers about your brand, bring more customers into your store and develop loyalty, which equates to return business. The experience of other business owners proves that when consumer financing becomes an option, loyalty improves among customers and they return time and again for more business.

If you’re looking for a partner to set up your consumer financing program, contact The HELPcard today. We’ve assisted business owners in many industries with a customized program that achieves many of the objectives they have for the future of their company. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we’ll approach your customized financing program.