Consumer Financing

Taking the Leap Into Consumer Financing

What do You Need to Consider When Offering Consumer Financing?

consumer financingAre you considering offering consumer financing? It’s a hot topic these days because more and more business owners are beginning to see the perks that come with following through with this decision. However, there are some questions you need to ask yourself before jumping on board.

First, will it cost you anything? Some firms will charge you a flat monthly rate for their consumer financing solution, but there is probably going to be an initial setup fee to get you going. Others will charge a percentage on what is being bought. So, you sell an item for $1,000 and $75 of it goes immediately to your financier. Your customer pays the full $1,000 plus interest, and you get $925.

Some financiers will not charge you for their services, but these are rare. They make their money through the interest the customer pays and you get full price for your goods and services.

You also need to ask yourself if your target audience will qualify for financing. Many financiers will only do business with people who are prime or prime-plus borrowers. Their credit reports have to be nearly flawless. However, there are others out there that will work with prime and near-prime borrowers, and these are the firms you need to look for because when you partner with them, you cast a wider net when it comes to your potential customers.

The cost of the financing can be challenging for your customers and it could lead to some consequences if they fail to read the fine print and end up regretting their decision later. Consumers like to buy something now and make low monthly payments later, but you have to make sure the annual percentage rates aren’t unreasonable. Some will go as high as 29 percent, and that’s not good for your clients.

Flexibility is important to customers as well. For instance, rather than having to re-apply every time they do business with you, they should have a line of credit at your business, which allows them to come in and shop whenever they want and not have to worry about going through the application process again and again.

While consumer financing is a great way to bring in more customers and boost your profits, it has to fit your clientele. Find the right company through extensive research and partner with the financier that will bring value to your business and improve you customer satisfaction.

At The HELPcard, we’ve had years of experience working with clients from a variety of industries. We know that every client deserves a customized approach, and that’s how we’ll work with you and your customers. Our rates are reasonable, our application process is quick and easy, and we work with prime and near-prime borrowers. Contact us today and find out more about our consumer financing solutions.

Retail Strategies for Better Business

Make Consumer Financing Part of Your New Retail Strategies

retail strategiesDo you have a desire to further share your business so that more consumers can have the opportunity to purchase your product? While it’s important to stock quality products, you also need to work on how to engage your target audience and convince them that you’re the organization that deserves their loyalty. Your retail strategies need to be centered around this important step.

The importance of customer service can’t be overstated. Take care of your customers and they’ll keep coming back. So, how do you take care of them? First, how available are you to assist them? Make sure everyone who enters your shop is at the very least greeted with a friendly hello and that you’re there to help.

A popular customer service program in many retail strategies includes a reward program. This lets loyal customers know that you really do appreciate their return business. Furthermore, this is a great marketing tool because they are likely to let their friends and family know about it, which will result in new customers.

If you want your employees to give their all to your clients, it’s important to take care of them. If your employees don’t think you see their value, they’re only going to give you as much as you think they’re worth. Let them know that any concern they might have needs to be heard by management, and commend them when you see that they’re doing a great job.

Another retail strategy that has become valuable for smaller businesses is consumer-financing programs. Why is it so popular? Consumers want more options when it comes to how they spend their money. If they see that you offer consumer financing, they’ll know they can come to you, get what they want now, and pay for it in low monthly installments.

Does your organization sell products that are higher quality and have a higher cost? This can often lead to indecision by consumers who know what they want but aren’t quite financially prepared to make a purchase. When they have consumer financing as an option, they are more likely to make larger purchases.

Loyalty is also important, which is something organizations that have established consumer-financing programs find out quickly. Consumers want financing, and they’ve come to expect it in just about every place they do commerce. When they see that you’re willing to offer them what they want, they become more loyal to your brand.

At The HELPcard, we’ve worked with businesses in a number of industries to provide them customized financing programs. Unlike the big banks, we’ll work with prime and near-prime consumers, which means you’ll be able to offer financing to a wider spectrum of people. Also, the application process is easy and fast. Contact us today and let’s get started on your customized retail financing solution.

Secondary Financing Options: Building a Path to Growth

How Financing Options Work for Retailers and Consumers

financing optionsAmong the fastest growing trends for retailers today is consumer financing. As lending platforms become more innovative, more opportunities are opened to consumers. Financing options, therefore, are important to everyone from retailers to consumers.

When consumers have financing options, they feel a sense of empowerment, so much so that around two-thirds of financed consumers will return to your business at least one additional time purchasing $500 worth of merchandise or more. Almost 30 percent will do this three to five times.

Security is an issue when considering financing options as it has become more common for breaches to occur. Fortunately, there is payment technology available that keeps consumer data more secure. The application process that utilizes this technology also provides a faster, smoother transaction.

Financing options offer clear advantages to you as a retailer, while giving consumers what they want. With the right financing program, you will see a larger percentage of applicants approved for credit, which means their loyalty to your brand increases, as do their purchase amounts. However, not all financing options are created equal.

The multi-lender solutions are among the best financing options out there today. Instead of relying on a primary lender, which often excludes everyone except the prime consumers, retailers are finding a more customer-friendly option to be the multi-lender solution.

It’s estimated that nearly half of all consumers who apply for primary credit aren’t getting approved with the traditional in-store application process. When they apply online for primary credit, only 25 percent are finding success, according to a report about retail consumer financing trends from Vyze. The unfortunate side effect is that these consumers experience a negative feeling and that reflects poorly on your brand.

The fear of being denied credit is what leads to an estimated 28 percent of consumers from even attempting to gain financing. For those that are declined, they often ditch their cart, or they’ll downsize it significantly.

When you go with a multi-lender process, the near-prime consumers are approved at a much larger rate. Customers who don’t have perfect credit histories can still have financing options when you partner with a financier that will work with near-prime consumers.

At The HELPcard, we know your customers aren’t all prime-level consumers, but they deserve financing options, too. In fact, we specialize in offering financing to consumer with A, B and C credit. Our clients tell us about how their business has grown due to this wider availability to more consumers. We’re confident that our solutions will improve cash flow for you just as they have for our current clients. Contact us today and let’s discuss how it works.

What Marketing Trends Will You Track This Year?

3 Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2017marketing strategy

With the success of e-commerce businesses, you may wonder if all consumers are fast and furiously ready to drop shopping at their local brick and mortar stores. However, according to TimeTrade, a customer engagement company, roughly 85 percent of consumers say they would prefer going to their local store rather than ordering products online. If this is more than just marketing trends, you need to give consumers a reason to come into your store.

The Aesthetic Trend

Consumers are increasingly more aware that the designs of their favorite shops have an aesthetic uniqueness and appeal. Anyone who has walked into an Apple store has experienced this. Apple has embraced an elegant design that is imprinted on everything from the small Magic Mouse to their massive storefronts around the globe. The brand aesthetic is important to Apple, and it should also be important to you as the trend in 2017 is for more organizations to deliver a cross-channel customer experience with an engineered flow that enhances the shopping experience.

Embrace Technology

Your target audience is becoming more in-tune with technology. In fact, they rely on it more and more every day. From optimizing your website for mobile use – to more advanced options, like integrating virtual reality into your buying experience, no technological stone should be left unturned.

For instance, virtual reality and augmented reality have taken many leaps forward recently, which means more companies will use this technology to make sales in 2017. It’s becoming more refined and affordable, so that even small businesses can use it in pop-up displays to enhance the shopping experience. The power is in the way it stimulates the audio and visual senses. Some retailers, like Lowes, have taken it a step further and take their customers into a more immersive experience with their “Holoroom,” which allows users to walk through a full scale virtual room that they want to build.

Consumer Financing

If you take a look around you you’ll notice that consumer financing is everywhere. It’s a trend that has been developing for some time and continues to play an important part in drawing customers to your store. Working with a third party lender, companies small and large are taking advantage of the perks given to them when they sign up for a consumer financing program. This includes a heightened sense of loyalty from consumers who prefer to take their business to organizations that offer more ways to pay at the checkout counter.

At The HELPcard, we tailor our programs to fit our clients. Working with business owners in a number of industries, we have a broad range of solutions that benefit our clients and their customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to get you on board with the consumer financing trend that is here to stay.

HELPcard Looks at How to Expand Your Customer Base With Online Marketing

Make the HELPcard Part of Your Medical Spa Marketing Strategy

HELPcardAn estimated 90 percent of medical spa customers inform themselves about which spa they’ll choose via online resources. That’s a persuasive statistic that should get you thinking about how to improve your online marketing in 2017. HELPcard is poised to be part of that solution by assisting you with a consumer financing program that you can market to potential customers.

Social media continues to be a marketing powerhouse. You’re probably already investing in social media marketing to some degree. You need to increase your social media efforts even more in 2017 because most consumers are on their smartphones and their favorite social media platforms continually, giving you ample opportunity to market wisely to them. Is your target audience more likely to respond well to Twitter or Facebook? Perhaps Pinterest is the choice for many of your clients? Start fine tuning your message to them on their preferred platform and watch your brand engagement rates improve.

Update your website. Your target audience might find out about you through social media, but at some point they’re going to want to further their knowledge about you through your website. Make sure your website is modernized, loads quickly, is easy to navigate and includes all the information anyone would need to fully inform themselves. It’s also vitally important that your website is mobile friendly.

Use positive reviews to influence new clients. The influence reviews have on consumers is massive. When someone posts something positive about your spa; put it out there for your potential clients to see. If your clients tell you that their quality of life has improved thanks to your services, kindly request that they post those comments to your social media page(s). You can get a lot of marketing mileage out of such reviews, and it costs you nothing.

Will you focus on paid advertising or will you utilize more organic methods of attracting business? Paid advertising is highly effective when executed correctly. However, once your run is over, your presence has disappeared. However, when you invest the time it takes to market your company through vehicles like SEO, excellent customer service, referral programs and other areas that involve developing relationships, you’re going to see a long-term marketing advantage. Using a mixture of paid advertising and long-term marketing is a smart move to consider in 2017.

Offering customer financing will continue to pull more clients in. Businesses that offer options when it comes time to pay the bill are engaged in a customer service strategy that is highly effective. Consumer financing gives a boost to many industries, including medical spas. Instead of opting out of services that exceed your clients’ reach financially, when they have access to consumer financing they’ll say “yes” to those services and make low monthly payments. This is the kind of customer service that The HELPcard can help you give to your clients. Furthermore, it’s a great marketing strategy that you can use in 2017 and beyond. Contact us today and let’s discuss a customized program for your medical spa.

Get the Marketing Advantage With Consumer Financing

Customer Service can Give You a Marketing Advantagemarketing advantage

Consumers want quality products at a good price, but equally as important is the customer service they get from your company. Organizations that have quality customer service strategies will experience improved loyalty from more consumers. However, to get a true marketing advantage, organizations that bring consumer financing into the mix see the best results in customer service outcomes.

Top Reasons Why Customer Service Matters:

Customer Retention

When the recession hit several years ago, most organizations didn’t have the resources to continue pursing new customers (acquisition). The more affordable option was to retain current customers, which can be accomplished by providing quality customer service.

Boost Employee Confidence

While a good amount of focus on customer service is important, so too is the satisfaction rates of your employees. Companies that have provided excellent customer service and have loyal customers often find those customers praising the business. This is what leads to employee confidence soaring. They hear the praise and are proud to work at your company.

Gain References

One of the side effects of offering good customer service is that you gain what is essentially free advertising. This occurs through word of mouth – customers talking to their friends, family and co-workers about their experiences with your brand. This kind of communication is extremely influential and will lead to more consumers doing business with you.

Outdoing Your Competitors

You’ve likely done your homework on your biggest competitors. You have probably tried to make yourself unique in one way or another and you make your prices competitive. When you offer excellent customer service, you are giving yourself a marketing advantage over your competitors who fail to make this a priority. It can be a powerful differentiator.

Consumer Financing

One of the biggest rules of customer service is to give consumers what they want. Today, more than ever, consumers want financing. If your competitor offers consumer financing and you don’t, you could be losing customers to them. Businesses in practically every industry have latched on to financing programs for customers because they know it improves the customer experience and leads to higher profits.

Don’t pick just any financier to get your consumer financing program rolling. You need to choose a financier that will work with prime and near prime consumers. Furthermore, the financier needs to have the ability to customize a solution that fits your company.

At The HELPcard, we offer consumer financing to consumers with A, B, and C credit. Our clients have experienced increased cash flow, sales, and have experienced overall business growth – all because they offer financing. Our application process is easy and fast. Let us create a line of credit for your customers to purchase what they want, when they want it while only making low monthly payments. We can give you the marketing advantage you need, just contact us today and we’ll customize a solution for your business.

Consumer Trends Deserve Energy and Research

Improve Traffic With Knowledge on Current Consumer Trends

consumer trendsIf you don’t have the budget to hire a team of marketers, it is critical that you study the current consumer trends to help you develop a strategy for growing your business.

Current retail trends have moved past being mobile friendly and now it’s all about being mobile centric. Consumers use their smartphones more than their desktops or laptops when it comes to searching online. But they’re doing more than searching – they’re looking to buy and make mobile payments. The buy button is already on consumers’ favorite social media channels – why not put one on your website?

It is also important for you to think about marketing efforts you make toward those in your community in an effort to connect to the individual. Hyper-local marketing, involves mobile access, social media and SEO. These are access points that give you a channel through which you influence the local consumer. You speak to their need, how you can help them, and you do it by disseminating information through various channels to improve your standing and your reputation within the community. You become the solution to their problems, the answer to their needs.

You can also become an influencer. It’s a strategy that many small businesses focus on because it doesn’t cost anything, yet it is a driving force that will influence consumers to buy from you. The best way to approach this is to have someone speak on your behalf. For instance, if you are a retailer that focuses on health foods and supplements, find a local expert that will be willing to talk about how your business carries the right brands and the products that will make a difference in peoples’ lives.

Another trend to consider falls under the category of a customer-centric trend. It’s about catering to their needs when it comes to actually paying for products and services. Many consumers today are drawn to retailers that offer consumer financing. They want a quick and easy application process that doesn’t cater to people with the most outstanding credit scores.

Here are some top reasons to offer consumer financing:

  • Offers a competitive edge
  • Increases sales per customer per visit
  • Overcomes customer’s budget constraints
  • Allows customers to save their cash
  • Improves customer loyalty to your brand
  • Increases your cash flow


At The HELPcard, we’ve got consumer financing solutions that are of great use for any industry. In fact, we customize every program we build for each individual client. We have three decades of experience helping clients with programs that offer low monthly payment options for their customers. We’ve watched our services improve the businesses of every client we’ve touched, and we’re ready to serve you today. Don’t wait any longer – contact us today and let’s start designing a program that will improve your business.