Using Financing to Boost Consumer Sales

What are You Doing to Improve Consumer Sales?

consumer salesIf you’re a brick-and-mortar shop waiting for the e-commerce trend to go away, it’s time to know that is not happening. While technology continues to evolve and advance, better e-commerce tools will go right along with them. If you’re looking for ways to compete and improve consumer sales, here are a few methods that can give your sales a boost:

Using Mobile Apps

A recent survey by TD Bank focused on how furniture retailers can get more traction in today’s e-commerce-centric climate. While the study looked in only one direction, there are some takeaways that could be applied to just about any retailer.

The study found that using mobile apps, even though that seems counter-intuitive for a brick-and-mortar store, can be advantageous. While the target market for you may not be one that utilizes apps at a steady rate, Millennials are working their way into that market and are use apps consistently. It makes sense to develop yours now and get to those consumers as they come on board with what you have to offer.

Using a Multi-Channel Approach

Any marketing effort, regardless of industry, can be improved by utilizing more than one channel to reach out to your target market. It wasn’t long ago that taking out a full-page ad in the local paper was the best form of alerting the public to your products. However, while that might still reach a portion of your target market, it’s severely limiting to rely on that alone.

Achieving more consumer sales involves utilizing email, traditional mail, social media and more hands-on approaches to getting the word out about your services. You can reach many people by creating a Facebook page and promoting your brand. The same can be said for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social media platform where your target audience frequents.

Financing as a Promotion Tool

Consumers today do the bulk of their research online before they even go to the retailer. They generally know what they want, and today, most consumers want to do business with a retailer that offers consumer financing. In fact, for those consumers who rely on consumer financing to make purchases, they won’t even consider your shop if you’re not already offering it.

People want more control in how they spend their money, and consumer financing is a perfect fit for that need. Instead of throwing down a lot of money on one major purchase on the day they come to your shop, they can make low monthly payments.

Choose the Right Financier

Bringing in consumer financing to improve consumer sales only works if you partner with the right financier. They have to be willing to offer their services to people with a variety of credit levels.

At The HELPcard, we work with prime and near-prime consumers so you can improve your bottom line. Our application process is quick and easy. Regardless of the industry in which you work, we’re ready to customize a program that will benefit you and assist your target audience, enticing them to do business with you.

Patient Financing: Catering to Consumer Needs

How Patient Financing Cpatient financingan Improve Business

Dental school is a rigorous program that equips you to treat people of all ages, but unfortunately does not usually include education on how to build up a practice with smart marketing strategies or business practices.  Knowing how to market your business with important marketing strategies, such as offering patient financing, can make your venture a success. Here are some tips you can use to build up a more efficient, effective practice.

1. Make Your Brand Stand Out
There are currently around 200,00 dentists practicing in the United States. While many of the older generation of dentists are retiring, there are approximately 600 to 800 more entering the practice every year than there are retiring.

What this means is that you have to differentiate your practice from all the others in your region. This is what marketers refer to as a unique selling proposition, or USP. When you develop a proper USP you’ll see more patients coming to you for that very reason – you’ve given them the information they need to know that you are unique and can meet their needs. To develop your USP, think about these questions:

  • What are you doing that your competitors aren’t?
  • What services do you offer that you can guarantee?
  • What services can you add to your current lineup that will help you establish a more respectable USP?

2. Target Your Market

Do you know who your best patients are going to be? Your marketing message needs to be decisive, clear and injected through channels that you know your target audience is going to use.

The fast track approach is to purchase a qualified mailing list that hits on all the demographic filters that apply to the patient you want to reach out to. For instance, you want a list of potential clients that are in your area, have a specific income, have a specific value tied to their home, new residents to your community, and families that have children. You can begin by mailing postcards to these families, but you should also build a strategy that focuses on social media outreach.

3. Offer Patient Financing
Patient financing matters more than ever because consumers are accustomed to accessing financing at just about every place they shop. Furthermore, due to low-cost healthcare plans, patients are paying less for their insurance, but incurring more out-of-pocket expenses when they go to the doctor or dentist. Instead of making those payments out of their checking account, having the option to finance their dental charges and making low monthly payments becomes the more attractive proposition.

When you offer patient financing, you’re giving those patients who are considering a number of dentists the incentive they need to come your way instead of to your competitor. The HELPcard can create a financing program around your needs and the needs of your patients. Contact us today and let’s get started on pulling more patients your way.

Consumer Financing as a Part of a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Can Boost Business

Marketing Tips For Business Growth Include Consumer Financingconsumer financing

There are a number of strategies small business owners can use to boost business, and one that is gaining ground today is consumer financing. Let’s take a look at this and a few other marketing strategies that can boost interest in your business.

Focus on the Customer

Businesses that focus on the customer experience are able to impress upon clients and potential clients the value that their brand will offer. Part of the customer experience today is offering them a website through which they can become better informed about your products and services. Therefore, it’s vital that your online presence has been fully thought through. Does your site load quickly? Is it optimized for mobile? Can customers easily checkout? Do you offer quality images? How catchy are your descriptions of your products?

Marketing Through Email

Email marketing is a cost-effective means of pushing your content out to potential clients; content that fully informs the consumer and turns into a sale. A fully developed email list is required for this to be a successful endeavor. If your message is clear and effective, you’ll see a corresponding increase in the number of orders that will start showing up online or at your storefront.

Content is King

While it’s true that content marketing is pulling in more and more consumers, it has to be prioritized and carried out correctly. Companies that set goals, have a written strategy, and maintain flexibility in their content marketing campaigns will convert about twice as many consumers as companies who have lackluster content marketing practices. Your content should include a variety of sources, including text, such as blogs and case studies, and videos that are instructional in nature.

Consumer Financing

Whether you’re selling high-end products or budget products, a percentage of your clients will want a consumer financing option when they pay for goods and services. When you partner with a financier with flexible programs, you can offer credit to prime and near-prime consumers who prefer this option.

What business owners who have adopted consumer-financing solutions have realized is a more satisfied customer base that becomes loyal to the brand and establishes a long-term business relationship. Return business is less expensive when you consider all the costs associated with pulling in new business. Offering consumer financing actually helps you establish two benefits in one – you’re giving them options for payment while also offering a customer-centric service that makes the consumer feel valued.

The HELPcard has experience in offering financing solutions to business owners in a variety of industries. Contact us today and we’ll discuss the needs of your clients and how we can assist you in setting up a customized financing program.

Financing Options Help Increase Customer Spend

Bring Financing Options to Your Business and Get Results

financing optionsFor the majority of business owners, making money is a top business goal. There are several improvements you can make to get more people interested in your brand and increase sales, including offering financing options.


The data you have on every purchase your customers make should give you some insights into items that can be packaged. For instance, a camera shop that sells a camera body to a customer might notice that they come back a week or two later and purchase a flash to go with it. You can increase your sales by offering a small discount on the flash, enticing them to make same-day sales.

Give Your Customers a Chance to be Loyal

The focus today is on customer retention. Once you’ve got them hooked, keep them there with a loyalty program that entices them to come back to you instead of your competitors. This can be as simple as offering your customers a special discount card that they use every time they do business with you.

Be Unique

Look around at your competitors and see where you can make changes to your business that makes you unique. Perhaps you’re already unique – start marketing that to your potential customers. Remember though, you unique selling point will probably evolve over time, so stay on top of it and be ready for change.

Offer Discounts

You don’t want to drop your price point too low in an effort to win over more customers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer discounts to entice more walk-ins. You should have already done the research to ensure that your price points are competitive. Take it up a notch by offering sales, discounts, or limited giveaways on promotional items. This should help to drastically increase traffic and offer you more cross-selling opportunities on full-priced items or services.

Offer More Products/Services

Are you pigeon-holing yourself by offering too few product or service choices to your customers? Expand your offerings so that you can pull in a wider segment of potential customers. For instance, a ski shop that specializes in skis and snowboards can improve their profits by adding hats, gloves, masks, eye protection, ski jackets and pants, socks and many other clothing items. Whatever you industry is, expand into products or services that are still connected to your industry.

Offer Financing Options

There is a percentage of your customers who will limit their purchase simply because they’re trying to stay within their budget. However, if they have the option of a low monthly payment, they’ll be more likely to spend more money with every visit knowing they don’t have to take a massive hit to wallet.

The HELPcard can build a credit card program around the needs of your customers. We work with prime and none-prime consumers who want more purchasing power. Contact us today and we’ll discuss a customized program for your business.

Consumer Finance Options for a Customer-Centric World

Improve Profits With Consumer Finance Options

consumer finance optionsWe’ve barely gotten into the first week of fall, but it’s time to start thinking about your strategies for the Holidays. The National Retail Federation says Americans spend around $600 billion on Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukah related items. What can you do to get a bigger share of that money? You need a strategic marketing plan that includes consumer finance options.

It’s Not Only About Christmas

Nothing says “Holidays!” like a little Christmas music, but limiting yourself to moneymaking opportunities related to this holiday alone risks losing potential profits. Did you know there is a holiday for small businesses? It’s true and you can capitalize on it by marketing this day when consumers support small businesses. According to research by American Express, consumers in 2012 spent $5.5 billion on this day, which falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Get Social Media in on the Holiday Strategy

People get really distracted around the Holidays with planning their vacations and planning which family members they’ll travel to visit. There is plenty of noise from retailers who purchase massive amounts of advertising for the Holidays. Plan out your editorial calendar far in advance of the Holidays so you’re being proactive, not reactive with your social media content. When your plan is in place, you can jump on top of opportunities to comment on your posts to promote more conversation in your virtual community.

Keywords Are Vital

Consumers are using the Internet to do a majority of the research on products they are thinking about purchasing. In fact, the average consumer has done about 80 percent of the research before they engage with you or your employees about a product or service. Make sure your search engine optimization strategies include research into the best keywords to use so you’ll get a higher ranking on search engine results. This could include some research into hashtags that will work to improve your social media strategies.

Focus on Customer Service

Being customer-centric is something that works year-round, but don’t think that just because consumers get a little more loose with their money around the Holidays that you can slack on customer service. Show them how much you appreciate their business by sending out Holiday-related thank you notes to your loyal customers, and perhaps offer them coupons for a special discount. This will boost loyalty points as well as improve your cross-selling opportunities when they come in to redeem their coupons.

Offer Consumer Financing

Consumer financing options put more power in the hands of the buyer. It’s not secret that when a company does offer consumer financing, they see more purchases over a shorter period of time from more people. Consumers prefer low monthly payments to shelling out the majority of their paycheck in one purchase. By offering consumer financing, you’re making good on more than one front: you’re pulling in more profits, increasing loyalty to your brand, and being customer-centric by giving consumers what they want.

The HELPcard is a company that customizes programs for prime and non-prime consumers. Tell about your needs and we’ll build a program that fits.

Line of Credit for Pet Owners: Improving Your Bottom Line

Offering Pet Owners a Line of Credit for Pet Needs Leads to Increased Sales

line of creditWould it surprise you to find out that Americans spend billions of dollars a year on their pets? The way pet owners approach their animals is changing, and there are more households with pets today than ever. What is your business doing to capture some of this revenue? Establishing a line of credit for your target audience can help to improve your financial position.

According to the American Pet Products Association’s (APPA) 2013-2014 survey, 82.5 million households in the U.S. now have at least one pet. The U.S. Pet Ownership & Demographics Sourcebook claims that each dog will incur around $200 in vet expenses per year, while cats average around $80. However, that’s only part of the picture. The APPA says $23 billion is spent on food and $14.3 billion on supplies. There are opportunities for pet retailers and veterinarians to capture some of this revenue.

Pet ownership continues to grow. For instance, the APPA’s first survey of its kind was in 1988 when only 56 percent of households in the U.S. owned a pet. Dogs and cats account for the bulk of pets in households today, but the National Pet Owners Survey found that there are 12 million households with freshwater fish, 6 million with birds, 2.5 million horses, 4.9 million with reptiles, and 5.4 million with “small animals.”

Getting a bigger share of the $60 billion being spent on animals today could include a few in-house improvements, like marketing. You don’t have to spend a large amount of money on marketing to see some success. For instance, have you developed a social media strategy? If you are short on staff knowledgeable in social media best practices, hire a consultant to get you started and show you how to maintain a strong social media presence.

Improvements in customer service can drastically improve your productivity. Make sure everyone on your staff is educated in customer service techniques that make them feel valuable. This alone can separate you from your competitors.

Consumers today have options in how they spend their money. Many businesses are seeing improvements in cash flow once they establish a line of credit for their clients. For consumers who are faced with an option to do business with a company that offers a line of credit and one that doesn’t, most will go to the one with the line of credit.

The HELPcard is an organization that specializes in consumer financing programs for consumers with A, B and C credit. Our solutions help our clients increase their cash flow through programs that offer consumers low monthly payments. Experience shows that our solutions increase sales and grow businesses. Our application process is easy and our line of credit for consumers gives them the ability to purchase more products without having to reapply. Contact us today and we’ll discuss a personalized approach to your business.

Out-of-Pocket Expense Stress Eased With Financing Options

Providing Financing Options is One Step on the Road to Successful Fee Collection

financing optionsCollecting fees is an ongoing battle in the healthcare industry that isn’t likely to subside. As long as people are underinsured, or incur large medical bills that become cumbersome even with the best insurance, there will be a need for analyzing how your office collects fees. Bringing financing options into your business strategy can be a major help in collecting fees that otherwise could take months to capture.

First and foremost, your front office staff should be experts at insurance policies and informing patients exactly what they will be responsible for with each and every procedure. There will be some unknowns as insurance companies might dispute some claims, but for the most part, it should be clear what is covered and what will need to come out of the patients’ pocket. One strategy is to have at least one specialist in the office that can assist others if there are gray areas that need expertise.

Your staff must also have the sensitivity training that gives them the tools to discuss payment with patients. Talking money with patients requires tact and professionalism, but also a sense of directness that lets the patient know they are responsible for a portion of the payment for their treatment.

Appointments made in advance give your office an opportunity to communicate with the patient before their visit. For instance, your office can gather information about their insurance or lack thereof, and tell the patient how your office operates and what’s expected as far as payments are concerned.

One way to reduce the chances of your patients getting behind on payments is to require some payment on the day of the appointment, before they leave the office. Some providers will require payment before treatment is rendered.

Standard procedure today is giving every patient a call two days before they are to come in, giving them confirmation of the appointment and going over the billing procedure. Keeping tabs on current contact information is also important, so this call should also include a reminder for them to bring in their driver’s license or identification card, insurance card, etc.

For people looking to spend as little as possible on their insurance, they get a reprieve by paying low monthly payments for their cut-rate insurance plans only to find when they go to the doctor that they have to pay more than they thought they would for services that might be completely covered through better insurance. This is a situation where financing options would help your patients be able to take care of the extra costs.

Consumers today find financing options in just about every transaction they commit to. When you partner with The HELPcard, you give your patients a reason to come back to you more often and get the treatment they need for a healthier life. Furthermore, you’ll spend less time chasing down late payments and see more profits. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how our solutions work for professionals just like you.