Need Assistance in Improving Consumer Sales for Your Contracting Business?

How Financing Options Can Help Your Consumer Sales

consumer salesIt’s not unusual for businesses to experience a plateau at some point in the year, and perhaps even a bit of a lull in the number of clients calling for your contracting services. There are a number of ways to improve consumer sales during those times.

Get Connected
Are you a member of any local industry associations? These are great opportunities to network with other local contractors, which can lead to more work. However, one of the biggest benefits of becoming more connected is that you learn more about how to operate a better business. When you have this outlet, you share your thoughts about business practices that work for you to become educated on ideas that could boost your consumer sales. Google search a variety of potential opportunities and reach out to a colleague for their input on the best industry associations in your region.

Improve Your Marketing Efforts
How does your online presence look? It’s not uncommon for contractors to fall behind in this area, but you have to remember – consumers do a great deal of research online before they contact their contractor for work.

Work on boosting your social media presence, where you can prop your business up as an industry expert. Write blog posts about important timely topics affecting your industry and your clients/potential clients. You will gain a following and create a better chance of having potential clients being routed to your website where they can learn more about your services.

Hire the Best Employees
Are you willing to pay for employees with experience? Turnover can be high in the contracting industry, but if you take on the best talent and have what it takes to keep them happy, you’re more likely to gain more traction with better business in the future.

Some might even say that the best practices in hiring involves bringing people on board who are actually better than you. This means you can fully trust their decisions, their workmanship and professionalism. Meanwhile, you can focus on creating more business that will keep these quality employees in work with no downtime.

Be Choosy About Your Clients
Your goal is to make every project a high-paying one for you and your team. If you see a possibility for headaches from a particularly finicky client, keep looking for ones that will provide your business with a better return on investment that comes with less stress.

One way to avoid a messy situation is to ask around to other contractors about clients you’re considering. They should give you a good feel for what they’re like to work with and if they make their payments on time.

Offer Financing
One of the best marketing tools you can use is to develop a relationship with a third party financier that will offer you and your clients a consumer financing option. It’s something consumers expect from businesses they work with today, and it gives you a better chance at projects with better pay.

At The HELPcard, we work with many contractors just like you to provide financing solutions that boost consumer sales. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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