Are You Looking for Marketing Trends to Help Bring Customers in the Door?

Top Marketing Trends for Building Your Customer Base

marketing trendsAre you grappling with how to compete with online stores? As a brick and mortar store today, one of the challenges you face is how to compete with stores who operate in the cloud. Fortunately, there are marketing trends that you can implement to help you stay in the game for consumer purchases.

Big companies that were once staples in every town have recently started making online sales more of their market and closing some local stores. Sears, JC Penney and book giant Barnes & Noble have less of a brick and mortar footprint today. However, you can actually use the Internet to build up your shop. For example, using social media marketing, you can entice more foot traffic to come through the doors of your store.

When it comes to social media marketing trends, you need to create quality content and share it with your target audience. You can become a thought leader in your industry by leveraging social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Are you encouraging your customers to provide feedback about their in-store experiences? Marketing trends in this area are showing great results. Reviews and testimonials are powerful tools because consumers really trust them to help inform them on their future purchases. You should take your best reviews and post them where others can see them – most likely on your social media sites. Also, if you receive a negative review, respond to it with tact and positivity. Poor management of negative reviews can sink a company, fast.

Have you considered consumer financing? Bringing in a third party to set up a financing program for your customers is an excellent way to bring growth to your operation. You can also market the fact that you offer financing.

Make sure you use a financier that will customize programs; every business is different and requires a solution that suits their exact needs. Choose a partner that offers dynamic, revolving lines of credit for just about any type of opportunity.

Also, make sure they cater to consumers with a variety of credit types. Most of the big bank lenders will only work with people with A credit. However, when you have a program that works with people who have A, B and C credit, you’re going to vastly improve your customer satisfaction.

At The HELPcard, we’ve got years of experience working with business owners in many industries. Our services have helped them to increase sales and grow their business. Our application process is quick and easy, which is one of the reasons so many consumers find our services to be quite the opposite of the hassle they get elsewhere when they apply for in-store credit. Our solutions also allow consumers to purchase additional products without reapplying. Contact us today and let’s get you started on a path to success.

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