How Can Patient Financing Garner Profit?

Patient Financing Leads to Improved Customer Service

offering patient financingDifferentiation from competition is what successful businesses strive for. With the healthcare industry, there is widespread belief that many dentists are all the same in what they offer. You can change that perception and stand out in a crowd by offering patient financing options to go beyond the typical choices that patients usually find.

Dentistry is a complex industry. Many years of education go into what you do, which means the average person/patient can’t be expected to fully understand the complexity of the procedures. To most patients, a filling is a filling, regardless of which experienced professional did the work. While you know there are differences, you may need to focus on other areas to grow your practice, beginning with improving customer service.

Customer service is one of the most important things that keep patients coming back. Business owners know that return service is a key to growth, which is why it’s important to keep patients coming back for regular appointments. So, how can you improve your customer service to keep them coming back and to help promote your practice so others will give you a try?

First and foremost, you know that many patients come in to your office nervous about their procedure, even the small stuff. However, you can relax them with aromatherapy, headphones that play soothing music and drown out the harsh noises, comfortable chairs – perhaps even massaging chairs. Some practices will even offer a hot towel treatment at the end of the procedure to make sure their post-appointment stress is at a minimum.

How much time do you spend educating your patients? Increasingly, people are becoming more invested in their health. Maybe it’s a product of the Internet and the increasing number of patient portals where they can review their exam notes. Whatever the reason, you need to take the time to educate them so they can make informed decisions about their health. The side effect is that they will have a better opinion of you and believe that you’re invested in their well-being.

Is your front office staff reaching out to them after their procedure? This not only helps you provide the best care possible to address any issue that might occur after they leave your office, it’s just another reminder to them that you care. It’s attention like this that makes them sing your praises to their friends and family.

Many Americans struggle with their medical bills. However, when you give them options when it comes to paying for your services, you’re exhibiting a customer-centric behavior that they will appreciate. For example, offering patient financing is a way that allows them to make low monthly payments without negatively affecting their checking account.

At The HELPcard, we’ve established programs for dentists just like you. When you extend patient financing to your clients, you’re going to see improved cash-on-hand and happier customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can set up a financing program for your patients.

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