What Marketing Trends Will You Track This Year?

3 Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2017marketing strategy

With the success of e-commerce businesses, you may wonder if all consumers are fast and furiously ready to drop shopping at their local brick and mortar stores. However, according to TimeTrade, a customer engagement company, roughly 85 percent of consumers say they would prefer going to their local store rather than ordering products online. If this is more than just marketing trends, you need to give consumers a reason to come into your store.

The Aesthetic Trend

Consumers are increasingly more aware that the designs of their favorite shops have an aesthetic uniqueness and appeal. Anyone who has walked into an Apple store has experienced this. Apple has embraced an elegant design that is imprinted on everything from the small Magic Mouse to their massive storefronts around the globe. The brand aesthetic is important to Apple, and it should also be important to you as the trend in 2017 is for more organizations to deliver a cross-channel customer experience with an engineered flow that enhances the shopping experience.

Embrace Technology

Your target audience is becoming more in-tune with technology. In fact, they rely on it more and more every day. From optimizing your website for mobile use – to more advanced options, like integrating virtual reality into your buying experience, no technological stone should be left unturned.

For instance, virtual reality and augmented reality have taken many leaps forward recently, which means more companies will use this technology to make sales in 2017. It’s becoming more refined and affordable, so that even small businesses can use it in pop-up displays to enhance the shopping experience. The power is in the way it stimulates the audio and visual senses. Some retailers, like Lowes, have taken it a step further and take their customers into a more immersive experience with their “Holoroom,” which allows users to walk through a full scale virtual room that they want to build.

Consumer Financing

If you take a look around you you’ll notice that consumer financing is everywhere. It’s a trend that has been developing for some time and continues to play an important part in drawing customers to your store. Working with a third party lender, companies small and large are taking advantage of the perks given to them when they sign up for a consumer financing program. This includes a heightened sense of loyalty from consumers who prefer to take their business to organizations that offer more ways to pay at the checkout counter.

At The HELPcard, we tailor our programs to fit our clients. Working with business owners in a number of industries, we have a broad range of solutions that benefit our clients and their customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to get you on board with the consumer financing trend that is here to stay.

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