A Marketing Strategy to Improve Sales

Include Consumer Financing in Your Marketing Strategy to Boost Business

marketing strategyAre you finding business has slowed down during this first quarter of the year? Traffic, which was heavy during the holiday, has likely tapered off and sales dropped? It’s time to consider shaking up your marketing strategy and trying something new to boost business, including bringing consumer financing into the mix.

Your consumers need to be convinced that they need to come to your store. To combat this, make your store a destination. Some business owners have found success in this arena by going online. Consumers do a lot of research online before they come to your store to make a purchase. Go to them with special offers, like an online coupon that they can only use at your store.

Another way to make your business a destination and pull more consumers in is to host special events. For instance, if you’ve got the space, offer a class once a month that is relevant to the products you carry. For instance, a health food store could bring in a guest speaker, such as a nutritionist, and offer guidelines to healthy eating. Find specialists in your industry and set up some speaking engagements or classes.

Customers love it when they feel appreciated. Even if they haven’t been to your store in a while, you’ve probably got contact information on them. Send them an email offering them a discount off all merchandize for one weekend. This can boost loyalty ratings and provide your customers a renewed interest in your brand, which can lead to an upswing in business.

Take advantage of the holidays by building a themed sale around each of them. Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Fourth of July – get creative and drive more customers into your shop with exciting marketing outreach and sales on special items.
Your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be overtly sales oriented. For instance, giving your customers more options in how they pay for their items can be a solid move with your new marketing strategy. Consumer financing is a great tool for bringing in new customers and holding on to them longer.

Bring in a professional to set up a custom program for you and leave all the work to them. We know that consumers today prefer to shop where they can finance their purchases. They want options available to them for the purchases they want to make, including low monthly payment options and instant credit.

At The HELPcard, we can build a program around your needs. Our clients use our solutions in their marketing strategies, and it works. Contact us today and let’s talk about setting you up with a way to improve your business.

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