Retail Strategies for Better Business

Have You Added Consumer Financing as Part of Your Retail Strategies?

retail strategiesAs a brick and mortar retailer, you may feel that it is increasingly challenging to compete against online retailers. However, consumers continue to value their in-store experiences, if they are positive ones. You might have the best products at a fair price, but if there is something lacking in your store, such as adequate customer service, your target audience might go elsewhere, including online. Your retail strategies must continually be updated to effectively market to your target audience.  Here are a few important pieces of your retail strategy:

Hire Wisely

Nothing will more negatively affect a customer’s experience than poor customer service. Retail strategies that include a thorough hiring process and quality training can make a significant difference for your business. You should fully vet your job applicants to ensure they have what it takes to assist your customers and ensure they are happy and want to come back for more business later.

Tracking Technology

Are you keeping an eye out for the latest technology to improve your customers’ retail experience? Try equipping your employees with POS devices that allow them to check out a customer from anywhere in your store. Have you ever bought anything at an Apple store? Notice there is never a line of people waiting to check out. Instead, one of their many employees will take care of you where you’re standing. If crowds are an issue at your store, consider technology that can assist you.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Window displays aren’t a dead concept. In fact, you can pull in pedestrian traffic by focusing on your window displays. Keep changing out your displays on a regular basis for maximum effect. Never let a display sit so long that it collects dust and loses its appeal. Think of your sidewalk facing windows as advertising space and watch new customers file in.

Go Digital

You’ve probably heard that consumers today will research a product using the Internet before they make a purchase, and perhaps even before they come to your store. Make sure your website is full of useful and easy-to-find content that will assist consumers as they educate themselves on your products. Also, be sure to optimize your site for mobile. People spend more time on the Internet using their mobile phones than they do at home on a desktop or laptop. Finally, be sure to make it easy for users to find your phone number. They should be able to touch it and call you.

Offer Consumer Financing

Consumers love to have options when it comes to paying for a product, which is why you need to partner with a third party to build a financing program. When faced with the decision to choose a retailer that offers financing against one that doesn’t, consumers today are picking the retailer with financing.

At The HELPcard, we have years of experience assisting retailers of all kinds. Contact us today and let’s talk about your retail strategies and how consumer financing will help you.

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