HELPcard Looks at How to Expand Your Customer Base With Online Marketing

Make the HELPcard Part of Your Medical Spa Marketing Strategy

HELPcardAn estimated 90 percent of medical spa customers inform themselves about which spa they’ll choose via online resources. That’s a persuasive statistic that should get you thinking about how to improve your online marketing in 2017. HELPcard is poised to be part of that solution by assisting you with a consumer financing program that you can market to potential customers.

Social media continues to be a marketing powerhouse. You’re probably already investing in social media marketing to some degree. You need to increase your social media efforts even more in 2017 because most consumers are on their smartphones and their favorite social media platforms continually, giving you ample opportunity to market wisely to them. Is your target audience more likely to respond well to Twitter or Facebook? Perhaps Pinterest is the choice for many of your clients? Start fine tuning your message to them on their preferred platform and watch your brand engagement rates improve.

Update your website. Your target audience might find out about you through social media, but at some point they’re going to want to further their knowledge about you through your website. Make sure your website is modernized, loads quickly, is easy to navigate and includes all the information anyone would need to fully inform themselves. It’s also vitally important that your website is mobile friendly.

Use positive reviews to influence new clients. The influence reviews have on consumers is massive. When someone posts something positive about your spa; put it out there for your potential clients to see. If your clients tell you that their quality of life has improved thanks to your services, kindly request that they post those comments to your social media page(s). You can get a lot of marketing mileage out of such reviews, and it costs you nothing.

Will you focus on paid advertising or will you utilize more organic methods of attracting business? Paid advertising is highly effective when executed correctly. However, once your run is over, your presence has disappeared. However, when you invest the time it takes to market your company through vehicles like SEO, excellent customer service, referral programs and other areas that involve developing relationships, you’re going to see a long-term marketing advantage. Using a mixture of paid advertising and long-term marketing is a smart move to consider in 2017.

Offering customer financing will continue to pull more clients in. Businesses that offer options when it comes time to pay the bill are engaged in a customer service strategy that is highly effective. Consumer financing gives a boost to many industries, including medical spas. Instead of opting out of services that exceed your clients’ reach financially, when they have access to consumer financing they’ll say “yes” to those services and make low monthly payments. This is the kind of customer service that The HELPcard can help you give to your clients. Furthermore, it’s a great marketing strategy that you can use in 2017 and beyond. Contact us today and let’s discuss a customized program for your medical spa.

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