Get the Marketing Advantage With Consumer Financing

Customer Service can Give You a Marketing Advantagemarketing advantage

Consumers want quality products at a good price, but equally as important is the customer service they get from your company. Organizations that have quality customer service strategies will experience improved loyalty from more consumers. However, to get a true marketing advantage, organizations that bring consumer financing into the mix see the best results in customer service outcomes.

Top Reasons Why Customer Service Matters:

Customer Retention

When the recession hit several years ago, most organizations didn’t have the resources to continue pursing new customers (acquisition). The more affordable option was to retain current customers, which can be accomplished by providing quality customer service.

Boost Employee Confidence

While a good amount of focus on customer service is important, so too is the satisfaction rates of your employees. Companies that have provided excellent customer service and have loyal customers often find those customers praising the business. This is what leads to employee confidence soaring. They hear the praise and are proud to work at your company.

Gain References

One of the side effects of offering good customer service is that you gain what is essentially free advertising. This occurs through word of mouth – customers talking to their friends, family and co-workers about their experiences with your brand. This kind of communication is extremely influential and will lead to more consumers doing business with you.

Outdoing Your Competitors

You’ve likely done your homework on your biggest competitors. You have probably tried to make yourself unique in one way or another and you make your prices competitive. When you offer excellent customer service, you are giving yourself a marketing advantage over your competitors who fail to make this a priority. It can be a powerful differentiator.

Consumer Financing

One of the biggest rules of customer service is to give consumers what they want. Today, more than ever, consumers want financing. If your competitor offers consumer financing and you don’t, you could be losing customers to them. Businesses in practically every industry have latched on to financing programs for customers because they know it improves the customer experience and leads to higher profits.

Don’t pick just any financier to get your consumer financing program rolling. You need to choose a financier that will work with prime and near prime consumers. Furthermore, the financier needs to have the ability to customize a solution that fits your company.

At The HELPcard, we offer consumer financing to consumers with A, B, and C credit. Our clients have experienced increased cash flow, sales, and have experienced overall business growth – all because they offer financing. Our application process is easy and fast. Let us create a line of credit for your customers to purchase what they want, when they want it while only making low monthly payments. We can give you the marketing advantage you need, just contact us today and we’ll customize a solution for your business.

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