Consumer Trends: What to Look for in 2017

Important Consumer Trends to Help You Stay Relevant

consumer trendsStaying relevant has never been more important, especially for brick and mortar stores that compete with e-commerce businesses. 2016 proved to be an exciting year of new innovations and marketing trends that helped drive industries of all varieties. Let’s take a look at consumer trends that will help you stay relevant in 2017.

First and foremost, a trend that should continue to be in the top five of every business owner’s list involves the customer experience. The products you stock on your shelves are only a fraction of what delivers a unique customer experience at your store. Your retail space has to have the right colors, images, product arrangements, and even aromas that provide the experience your customers are looking for. This is all part of your brand, and when you can clearly establish what your brand is, customers will begin to identify with it. What are you doing to put your brand out front for a more enriching customer experience?

Another trend is one that has been on the lips of many marketers for a few years now – instant gratification. Consumers are increasingly expecting their wish for instant gratification to be granted, due in part to the luxury we all have in our mobile phones that we carry with us everywhere. All the information we need is as far away as the smartphone in our pockets, handbags and purses, and it’s caused a rise in the expectation of instant gratification.

This is important for retailers to understand, because it means consumers are using their smartphones to become more informed about a product or purchase a product anywhere, anytime. Make sure, even if you focus on selling out of your physical store only, that your mobile platform is performing flawlessly. There’s a good chance your customers are using their smartphones to research your business and products before they come in. If the user experience isn’t gratifying, they’ll likely go elsewhere.

Instant gratification also lends itself to seeking out ways to allow your customers to get what they want, even if they don’t have quite enough in their bank accounts to make the purchase. The best way to achieve this is to bring consumer financing into your store from a third party. While consumers today are savvier about credit card debt, they still expect to have consumer-financing options available to them anywhere they spend their money.

Consumer financing is a trend that many businesses are putting more effort into in an effort to attract more business. The process is really quite simple. You first have to find a financier that can customize a financing program around the needs of your customers. Look for those that will offer financing to prime and near-prime consumers. Look for a financier that will offer a quick and easy application process that won’t take too much time or have a high chance of turning down a majority of your customers.

At The HELPcard, we work with business owners in a wide range of industries to provide what their customers need. If you’re looking to give your customers financing that gives them the ability to make low monthly payments and get what they want today, contact us.

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