HELPcard Takes a Look at Retail Trends in 2017

HELPcard: Assisting Clients in Generating More Business

HELPcardDespite the rise of e-commerce, brick and mortar stores continue to be relevant to consumers today. Many consumers still like to have the option to touch a product and get a close-up look at it instead of a pixelated online image. In fact, many consumers will use their smartphones and computers to look for specific products nearest them, and head to the store. It’s important to look at current retail trends as you plan your marketing strategy for 2017.

The Center for Client Retention says that appropriate customer interaction, in the face-to-face form, continues to be a trend that deserves much respect. As brands expand their locations and pop-up stores, the connection between the business representative and the customer is vital to the success of a brand, and certainly vital to the success of that particular store location. Even online-only brands are finding value in opening storefronts that give their brand a chance to put a “face to a name.”

Another trend that piggybacks on technological advancement has to do with geo-fencing, geo-conquesting and geo-targeting. American Eagle has used geo-fencing to send offers to people within a specific geographical area around specific stores. When the consumer is close to the store, they’ll get a notice on their American Eagle app. Oscar Mayer does the same thing, though through geo-targeting, to highlight menu specials and products. It’s called “beacon technology,” and it’s something that might work for your brick and mortar store.

Does your store offer a membership or loyalty program? It’s a trend that is likely going to remain a big hit into 2017. Bed Bath & Beyond is rolling out a membership loyalty program that offers 20 percent off a customer’s entire purchase. This is an expansion of a former program that issued a 20 percent off one item coupon that was distributed via online or in a magazine. The one caveat is that this new program is a fee-based, and is by invite only. Not all small business can afford such exclusivity, but use your discretion and find a way to award your best customers.

One trend that will likely never end is the search for instant gratification. Consumers worldwide are getting it through their mobile devices today in many forms, but you can also offer it in your retail space via consumer financing. It’s something The HELPcard has tapped into and offers in custom programs for clients of all kinds.

At The HELPcard, we know that every business is different, as are their customers. However, we focus on serving prime and non-prime consumers so that our consumer financing is available to a wider range of consumers. When you install a consumer-financing program at your store, you can offer instant gratification. Instead of walking out of your store because they don’t have the necessary funds in their checking account, they can simply apply for consumer financing, make the purchase and make low monthly payments. Contact The HELPcard today and let’s talk about your business needs.

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