Customer Trends to Consider This Holiday Season

Financing Options Are an Important Customer Trend for Your Customers

customer trendsHoliday trends – they seem to change with every new holiday season. As a retailer, you know you must be attuned to customer trends if you want to increase your business this season. One of the trends that is critical for you to know this year is that smartphones are changing the way consumers shop. However, just because consumers are using their smartphones most of the day doesn’t mean they’re only making online purchases.

Some consumers still enjoy browsing through thick catalogs as they shop for holiday gifts, but the majority are using their smartphones, checking out websites with excellent visuals and videos instead of catalogs. The truth is, when consumers begin shopping, seven out of 10 of them have no idea what they’re looking for, according to a Google consumer survey earlier this year. For this reason, it’s important to make a splash with your online marketing if you want to pull more customers into your retail store.

Many consumers use online resources to become informed on the products they may want to purchase, and then go to the brick and mortar store to make that purchase. Customer trends this holiday season will include going to YouTube for ideas for gifts. “Retail Micro-Moments,” a report from Google/Euromonitor International, shows that 43 percent of smartphone users will use Google to research apparel, 64 percent will research home and garden items, and 68 percent research consumer electronics. Your YouTube presence is an important factor in bringing more customers into your store.

Many shoppers still want to touch what they intend to purchase however, despite the meteoric rise of Amazon’s online shopping model. In fact, they’ll come to your store and jump on their smartphone to research items that you have in stock, comparing them against other items, looking up customer reviews, and gaining confidence before they make that purchase.

Customer trends also include giving them options in how they pay for their items. Consumer financing is almost a prerequisite today to incentivize consumers. By offering consumer financing through a third party, a party that will custom design a program for you and your customers, you’ll see your loyalty rates rise. You can market the fact that you offer this financing options to your customers in your social media channels and traditional marketing practices.

At The HELPcard, we have designed a number of financing programs for retailers in a variety of industries. Furthermore, our financing is available to prime and near-prime consumers. This allows you to cast a wider net when it comes to marketing your services to consumers. Our application process is also quick and easy, which means your consumers will find out almost immediately if they qualify for financing. Contact us today and let’s discuss your shop and your customers’ needs.

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