Offering Consumer Retail Financing is Just One Way to Maximize Your Holiday Sales

Tap Into Services Like Consumer Retail Financing to Get the Edge on Competitors

consumer retail financingThe holiday shopping season is just around the corner, and you may be wondering if there are any additional steps you can take to ensure that you capture the maximum possible retail sales this year? Now is the time to refine your strategy so that you are making the most of the biggest shopping season of the year. It begins with fantastic customer service and ends with consumer retail financing. Here’s all you need to know:

The customer is always right. Empower your front-line associates to make immediate decisions so that your customer is happy. Think back over your own shopping experiences. It’s hardly ever the initial problem that makes you walk away from a store dissatisfied. It’s really how they handled the solution. If you had to wait while an associate stood at the counter, powerless to help you as they waited for a manager’s code, or you had to haggle with the manager over whether your problem warrants a discount, you were probably done at that store.

Make your employees powerful enough to make customers happy. If you don’t feel like you can hand that control over to every employee, than keep your pros on the register and have your novices straightening inventory or welcoming guests. It’s that simple.

Focus on speed. Brick-and-mortar stores are losing a lot of business to online retailers, and a lot of the reason is convenience. You no longer need to wait a week or more for an online order to show up. If you are running an online retail operation, look for ways to speed up your delivery, or at least offer quicker options for a fee. People will pay for convenience.

Be real. Making your company identity one of a group of people, rather than a corporate identity, is a powerful retail strategy. For instance, when REI closed its stores on Black Friday in order to encourage their employees to embrace what REI is all about by being outside, it was a great move that inspired customer loyalty. You may not have the ability to do something similar on that kind of scale, but even doing things like offering a little store scavenger hunt for little shoppers to keep them busy while parents browse your store is a great idea.

Offer consumer retail financing. Many people want a bigger holiday experience than they can afford right that minute, but they have the credit to pay for it. Offer consumer retail financing to help your customers create the holiday they want. If you don’t have options for your customers, they’ll be walking away to a store that equips them to make the purchases they need for the holiday deadline. Don’t miss this opportunity to capture retail sales.

To learn more about offering consumer retail financing as a strategy for maximizing your holiday sales, talk with us at The HELPcard. We offer your customers online, immediate credit decisions, the services of an account representative and easy payment terms. Call us today!

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