Providing Financing Options Should be Central to Your Spa Holiday Marketing Strategy

financing optionsTips to Improve Business This Holiday Season Include Offering Financing Options

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start incorporating holiday marketing ideas into your strategy. Make sure you use financing options as part of your spa marketing strategy going forward. Here are a few other ideas you can incorporate to increase your business this holiday season:

Gift Cards

One of the most popular items a person can buy for a friend or family member is a gift card. It’s a gift that shows your friend or family member that you know where they would like to spend some money, yet you also give them the freedom to choose how they spend it. Offer a holiday promotion where your customer can buy a $25.00 gift card and get a bonus $5.00 card for free.

Social Media Promotions

You can reach a wide audience by announcing a special holiday promotion on your social media platforms. Make announcements on your Facebook page and on Twitter. Post a photo of the promotion on Instagram. You can also take it up a notch by purchasing ad space on Facebook to hit an even wider audience than the people who follow you.

Gift Baskets

Some consumers love the idea of having their friends and family actually open a physical gift rather than give them a gift card. Gift baskets are an excellent way to provide them with a substantial gift. Get creative and make a variety of baskets with an assortment of different items for men and for women. Skin care products, relaxation oils – anything you normally sell in your shop, offer it up in a gift basket.

Give Back to the Community

You can connect with the community during the holiday season by sponsoring a charity drive for your favorite non-profit. Not only are you helping your community, you’re showing them that you care about what happens outside of your business. The side effect is that you’ll establish name recognition for your brand within the community.

Offer Financing Options

If you haven’t already sought out a financier for consumer retail financing, the holidays are a perfect time to do it. You can also include that you have financing options at your spa in all your marketing promotions.

Consumers today want options when it comes to how they pay for goods and services. They don’t always want to pay for their entire bill up front, especially during the holidays. Low monthly payments can help them spread out the cost of holiday shopping. It also helps to establish loyal customers who will continue to come back to your spa.

The HELPcard is ready to assist you in setting up a financing program that will attract more customers. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can boost your traffic with consumer financing.

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