Looking for Ways to Increase Customer Sales for Your Pet Store This Holiday Season?

Utilize Financing as a Part of Your Strategies to Increase Customer Sales

customer salesThis holiday season pet owners will be out in force, looking for special treats, toys, leashes, harnesses and other perfect gifts for their beloved furry family members. How can you entice more of this business to your store so you can get more customer sales?

First, you need to focus on getting your brand out in front of more people. You likely update your website on a regular basis to reflect the new products you bring into your store, and you may have already figured out that an active blog helps to direct more traffic to your site. Now is the time to create an area on your site that is holiday themed. Make a list of the top selling items in your store to give those pet owners or people buying gifts for their pet owner friends a better idea of what’s hot and what’s not. Add that to your site along with holiday specials.

You should also consider getting involved in Cyber Monday, as this is a real boost for retailers who do it right. Some retailers are even hosting a pre-Cyber Monday sale the week before to test the waters, and then again on the actual Cyber Monday date. This is a great opportunity to put package deals together and offer a discount. Be sure to advertise on your social media sites and consider paying for some ads in local publications to boost interest.

Deck out your store in Christmas themed displays. Be as creative as you want. You could have a display completely dedicated to stocking stuffers – the little knick-knacks that can easily fit in Fido’s stocking.

If your store offers pet grooming services, offer a special holiday package that discounts your services. For instance, you could offer a $10 discount off a shampoo and a trim, or throw in a nail clipping for free.

One way to really boost loyalty is to give your clients something. Pet shop owners are always handing out free snacks to dogs and cats that come in – why not give something to their owners as well? This could be a little box of chocolates and a hand written thank you note. Or, it could be a bottle of wine – just pick something you know your customers will appreciate. They remember this throughout the year and will keep coming back to you.

One sure way to pull in more customers during the holidays and throughout the year is to offer consumer financing. Customer sales have been shown to see a significant boost when financing becomes a reality. This is especially valuable for customers who come in and make large purchases. Instead of paying in one payment, they can spread it out into low monthly payments.

Contact The HELPcard today and let’s talk about our consumer financing programs that can improve customer loyalty and your customer sales.

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