Think Outside the Box to Bring Marketing Advantages

Connect With Your Consumers With a New Strategy to Bring Marketing Advantages

marketing advantagesOnline retail shopping has created a quandary for retailers trying to market their brand through traditional methods. The Internet has become a tool for marketers in every industry, but it’s also created a new behavior in consumers. Could bringing in financing options along with other new ideas help you gain marketing advantages?

According to a report from Deloitte, an industry-leading advisory company, consumers are no longer responding to retail advertising like they once did. The report finds that only 30 percent of the consumers that were surveyed said that they respond to retail advertising, which is down from 70 percent in 2014. These are consumers who are finding more control by doing their research online and shopping online. This doesn’t mean they are no longer reachable.

The goal now is to think outside the box. If the advertising you’ve been using is failing to offer the same return on investment it once did, you have to change your way of thinking. For instance, have you ever considered video in your strategy? Of the marketers who have tried it, 82 percent say it has had a positive impact on their business. It’s this success rate that has around 93 percent of marketers using video in their campaigns today.

Cisco released a report saying that video will account for nearly 70 percent of consumer Internet traffic by next year. Online consumers prefer video because it’s an easy way for them to process information. Video also is a better method for keeping the user’s attention, much better than print alone. It only makes sense to incorporate it into your strategy to find new customers.

Shopping at a brick and mortar store still rates high with most consumers. The online shopping is extremely convenient, but there is shipping involved, so there is a delayed sense of gratification with online shopping. Going to the actual store and handling the product before the consumer makes a purchase remains the preferred method. This means you have opportunities to make them a loyal customer while they’re in your shop.

One way to get that loyalty you’ve been looking for is to partner with a financier that can work with you to put together a consumer credit program that offers financing options to your customers. But don’t partner with just any financier – pick the one that will build a program that caters to prime and near prime consumers.

At The HELPcard, we’ve built a number of programs for clients, giving them what they need to stand out against their competitors. Our clients use the fact that they offer in-store financing in their marketing strategies, and it works. Contact us today and find out how we can assist you.

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