Offering Financing Tops the List of Consumer Trends in Pet Stores

Follow Consumer Trends to Gain More Business

consumer trendsIn America, $60 billion a year is spent on personal pets. From cats to dogs to birds and fish, pets have been proven to enrich the lives of their owners. In fact, some owners just refer to them as part of the family. It’s no surprise then that they want the best for their furry and feathered (sometimes scaly) friends. If you’re a pet supply storeowner and you’re wondering how you can get your share of that $60 billion, consider consumer trends that are currently helping to mold the industry.

One of the consumer trends helping to shape the industry right now is a bend toward organic or natural pet foods. The healthiest animals aren’t eating foods made from grains like brewers rice and wheat or with by-products like corn gluten meal. They’re getting natural foods made from fruits, vegetables and meat. Consider catering to this audience with an aisle in your store that is filled with completely natural products.

Natural products aren’t only related to food. You can also find cat litter that is derived from more natural, healthy materials. Flea and tick repellents don’t have to be carcinogens – they too can come from natural sources and be just as effective. Toys made from natural fibers and holistic grooming products are also enticing many pet owners to shop in stores where they are available.

Are you offering specialty pet services? Your supply shop can branch out and pull in more customers if you begin adding pet portrait photography, pet sitting, dog training or spa services. The American Pet Association has predicted that the pet grooming services in particular are really shaping up to be a big industry. Consider your options and branch out.

Consumers today are looking for options when it comes to how they spend their money, and it’s not always about the product that they’re purchasing – it’s also about the choices they have at the checkout counter. By working with a trusted financier who knows how to set up a customized consumer-financing program, you can gain more business.

One of the perks of offering consumer financing at your store is that it helps to create a sense of loyalty among your customers. They know they can come to your shop, make a purchase and have financing options to choose from. Instead of paying all at once, they can make low monthly payments over time. The HELPcard is ready to assist you in building a custom program that will be a hit with your customers. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can impact your bottom line.

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