Financing Options That Open up Sales Opportunities

The Financing Options You Need to Capture More Sales

financing optionsAre you losing sales by not offering the right financing options? While it’s a given that cars and houses require financing for purchase, many consumers also require financing to acquire other big items, such as furniture and appliances, jewelry and medical spa treatments, to name a few.

Many of these purchases can be financed using a store card, but what happens when your customer doesn’t meet the credit requirements for financing options through a store card? Do you lose the sale, or do you have additional choices for your customer to secure the financing they need? Filling the financing gap helps you capture more sales and provide a higher level of service to your customers.

Here are several reasons why you need to consider offering additional financing for your customers:

You don’t want to lose the sale. Store financing only works for about one-third of those that apply for it, so many customers are forced to walk away from a product they want, and there’s little you can do to help complete the sale. When you offer additional financing options, however, you can ensure that your customers have access to the products they want.

Your customers enjoy knowing whether they can receive financing before they even walk in your store. Online applications through additional financing providers allow your customers to avoid the frustration of deciding to invest in a new item, only to find out that they cannot receive financing for it. With an online application, they receive immediate confirmation that they have buying power in your store. Millenials, in particular, consider the availability of an online application to be an important component of the financing process.

You can meet your customers’ expectations. Your customers want to know right away whether they can finance their purchase. Choosing the right financing options to offer your customers means that you capture the sale today, without a frustrating delay in the application for financing. You also want to offer financing options that come with personalized, high-quality customer service that matches the level of care that they receive in your store.

You invest in customer loyalty. When customers feel empowered by you to make the purchase that they want, they identify the positive financing experience with your store. Though they received financing from another company, it’s you they have to thank for making it possible. They’ll be more likely to return for another purchase in the future, and to tell their friends about their experience.

The HELPcard is a great choice for creating additional financing options for your customers. With an online application process with immediate credit decisions, your customer’s purchase can be completed in your store right away. Don’t miss out on any more sales due to a financing gap. Call The HELPcard today!

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