Patient Financing for Orthodontists

patient financingPatient Financing Can Bring in New Patients

As an orthodontist, you offer services that provide patients with a better quality of life. You know who your target audience is, you just need to find them and let those people know about the services you provide. There are a number of marketing methods you can use today to pull in more patients, and one of them is patient financing.

Familiarize Yourself With Area Dentists

Referrals are the cheapest way to pull in new patients. The best way to get referrals is to get to know area dentists who can suggest your services to patients that require them. However, like any relationship, you need to ease your way into asking the dentists to refer patients to you. It takes tact and timing, and if you do it right, you’ll never have to ask. Just build a professional relationship with these people and prove to them that you’re a good doctor and that their patients will be in good hands with you.

Offer Current Patients Incentives

While it comes at a cost, when you give patients a break on their bill for referring new patients, that cost can pay for itself and then some. Let all of your patients know that if they influence anyone to come in to you for your services, they will get a $50 (make up your own incentive) off their invoice. If they aren’t already impressed enough by your services to talk you up to friends and family, the discount should do the trick.

What Makes You Different?

Look around at what other orthodontists are doing to market themselves and do something different. Furthermore, look at what services they offer and compare that to what you’re doing. Do you see an area where you stand out? That should be played upon heavily in your marketing and advertising.

Another way to stand out is to make improvements that have nothing to do with your medical expertise. For example, is your waiting room a decade behind in the décor area? Upgrade your furniture and fixtures. Put new paint on the walls. Put in some high definition televisions and better reading material.

Think Outside the Office

Get involved with the community. Whether it’s volunteering your time on local social service boards or sponsoring a sports team – get some face time in with the community so you’re more than just a number in the Yellow Pages.

Offer Patient Financing

Many of your services aren’t covered by insurance so without financing options your prospective patients may decide against any recommended treatment.

When you have patient financing, the services that seemed an impossibility suddenly becomes possible. They make low monthly payments and get the treatment they need today.

The HELPcard has years of experience working with orthodontists. Contact us today and let’s talk about how we can assist you and your patients.

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