Improve Customer Service With Financing Options

financing optionsFinancing Options: Putting Power in the Hands of Consumers

There is always time to take a fresh look at the way you approach customer service, because those who are getting it right are constantly finding new ways to prove to clients that they are important. There are a number of methods business owners are using to accomplish this, including offering financing options.

Speed of Service

Our world today moves at a hectic and fast pace. The speed at which you deliver your products or services is therefore quite important in the eyes of the customer. For those who don’t value the speed at which they serve their customers, the often used phrase goes: “do you want it today or do you want it done right?” While some niche markets can get away with that, the majority of businesses can’t.

Think about speed like FedEx and Amazon do – speed, to these companies, IS quality. For instance, Amazon Prime members get their packages delivered in two days. That’s a major perk for consumers who value the quickness of their online shopping deliveries.

Sharing Customer Experiences

Everyone seems to be connected thanks to the many apps and online forums where customer experiences can be shared. Having that constant connectivity allows consumers to educate themselves before making a purchase. They’re not only researching Yelp reviews – they’re also going directly to your site to glean all the information they possibly can.

Furthermore, they’re actually gaining customer experiences before they’re ever become a paying customer. Consider the various eyeglasses retailers who have online sites where you upload a picture of yourself and “try on” virtually any pair of glasses you want. Tools like this give consumers more power and better assurances that the products they’re interested in are actually a good fit.

Financing Options

If the focus of all profitable businesses is offering the customer what they want, then it’s important to note that consumers today are gaining access to financing options at nearly every place they do business.

Spas, healthcare providers, even funeral homes are offering financing options today, and for good reason. When consumers have access to financing, they’re more willing to become return customers. In many cases, it’s the financing aspect of your business that allows them to make a purchase in the first place. Rather than spend their money in one lump sum payment, consumers today prefer to make low monthly payments.

Offering consumer financing proves to consumers that you care about how they do commerce. It gives them what they’re looking for, and they return the favor with loyalty to your brand.

The HELPcard is a company that works with each individual client on a customized financing program that fits the needs of the consumer and the needs of the business. Since 1983, we have assisted prime and near-prime consumers in purchasing goods and services. We’ve also been helping our clients earn higher profits. Contact us today and let’s discuss a program that will work for you.

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