Financing Options Can Lead to Increased Business for Your Remodeling Business

Bring in More Customers With Financing Options

financing optionsWith Americans spending $150 billion a year on home improvement projects, as a contractor you certainly have great potential to stay busy throughout the year. However, how can you do more to get your name out there to potential clients, and how can you entice them to choose you over other contractors? Financing options.

The first step is to know who your target audience is, what their preferences are, and where they consume information about home remodeling projects. If you are marketing to them correctly, you’ll pull in clients that respect what you offer and understand why you are of value to them.

A percentage of your work likely comes to you after you make a bid on a project. What are you doing to make your bid stand out from the others? It’s not always the lowest bidder that gets the job. If you come prepared with references, can prove you’ve earned a top rating with the Better Business Bureau, are licensed and insured, and you are friendly and answer every question they have – you should be a standout among the list of contractors.

Speaking of referrals, don’t be afraid to ask your clients to spread the word about your services. Give them incentive to do so by offering them a break on future work when they refer a new client to you. You be the judge of how much of a discount you want to give, but make sure it’s enough of a perk that they’ll feel you value their assistance.

Are you involved in your community? As an expert in home remodel, you can offer your services as a guest speaker for a group that wants to know more about how they can choose a quality contractor and what services end up providing the most value, as in re-sale value. Get in touch with your area Chamber of Commerce and become a member. You can offer your speaking services to chamber members. If there are professional trade associations in your region, join them and network with other professionals.

Optimize your website. You’re going to increase your visibility if your website is clean and runs efficiently. Furthermore, it must be optimized for mobile as most Americans are spending more time on the Internet using their mobile devices than they are on desktop computers. Update your website regularly with a blog about the topics that are trending in your industry. You can also consider an email marketing campaign to help push your brand message to potential clients.

Another important thing you can do to get more work is to offer financing options. There isn’t an industry out there today that doesn’t have financing options that work for the organizations within it. Your clients will expect financing options from you as well. Considering that some of your services will come at a high cost, your clients will appreciate the chance to make low monthly payments rather than one big lump sum payment.

The HELPcard is currently assisting other contractors with financing options, which means we can build a solution that works for you and your clients. Contact us today and let’s discuss a plan for you.

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