Patient Financing is Just One Way You Can Grab Some Extra Market Share

When You Offer a Personalized Experience and Options for Patient Financing, You Provide Care That Corporate Giants Can’t Duplicate

patient financingWhen you’re a dentist working a smaller practice, or even out on your own, you may feel like you can’t compete with the bigger practices. From efficiency to attracting the best employees, you may feel that the so-called big guys will always have an edge on your practice, and that you simply can’t grab enough market share. Don’t underestimate your patients’ desire for a personalized experience, though, or the power of conveniences like patient financing options.

Here are a few reasons why those larger companies shouldn’t underestimate the ability of a small practice to retain its clients and attract new ones:

You know why you’re there. Remind yourself often of the reasons why you went into dentistry. Think of the patients you’ve treated year after year, and the children you’ve watched grow up in your office. Think of the times you’ve been thanked for putting a patient’s well-being ahead of your bottom line. These are the same reasons your patients value your small practice. Even in the modernized, technology-heavy, web-based business environment, people still want to be known and valued. A small practice does that much better than an efficient, large practice.

Think “frequency” with your marketing efforts. Sure, you can take an ad out in the local paper or put up a billboard that reaches hundreds of people. People often only respond to a message, though, after they’ve seen it several times. So think about how you can create a message that can be duplicated across a variety of formats. For instance, you can write a blog, then make a video and infographic displaying the same information in different ways.

Don’t forget your call to action. When you’re reaching out to potential patients, don’t forget to make your request for what you’d like them to do. You can mix it up a little, too. On one blog, you might ask them to schedule an appointment, while another time you invite them to visit your website.

Don’t miss out on potential patients. For many people, patient financing makes all the difference between good oral health and having to do without it. If you offer patient financing, be sure to make it a star in your marketing efforts so that it catches the attention of those that might otherwise dismiss the possibility of dental care being within reach.

If you’re interested in offering patient financing, but don’t know where to start, make a call to The HELPcard. Your patients receive help in the form of low payments, easy online retrieval of records, immediate credit decisions and access to a personal Account Manager. Talk with The HELPcard today to find out how you can offer high-quality care to more patients.

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