Financing Options for Retailers

Get Connected With Financing Options for Better Results

financing optionsAs a retailer you have an advantage over ecommerce organizations in that you can meet face-to-face with the buying public. However, if not carefully managed, these interactions can lead to decreased business. If your company does not excel at a good buying experience, which includes offering financing options to your customers, you could be losing business.

Experienced retailers know that interactions between the retailer and the consumer are important, for the customer experience and the business’s bottom line. What business owners need to know is that by asking the consumer the right questions, they acquire information that leads to stronger customer relationships down the road. And this is important because strong relationships lead to a better understanding of the wants and needs of the consumer, which leads to more frequent business.

When you satisfy the customer, you’re going to see it in the bottom line. Satisfied customers are often those who have gained assistance from your employees. Track the sales to customers who have received personalized assistance and see if those customers actually spend more at checkout. If this isn’t the case, you might have employees that aren’t trained properly. Invest a little more in education and see if those cart values don’t improve.

The best companies are always striving to improve the customer experience. The most efficient way to keep this goal moving forward is to measure every part of the experience. In many cases measuring the experience is reactive, but that’s okay. For instance, customer surveys ask about previous experiences with your organization. You can find out from these answers what you did right and where you could use some improvement.

Recognize the employees who are doing it right. They are an important front line that influences the direction of your business, and they deserve the recognition. Furthermore, employees who know they are valued continue to remain engaged with customers and lead by example for employees to follow. As is often the case, satisfied employees produce satisfied customers.

Let’s say you’ve done everything in your power to improve customer interaction and you’ve got a roster full of happy employees who are brand ambassadors – does this mean you’re profits will hit their goal every quarter? Not always. Customers want options in how they spend money with you, and if you’re not giving that to them, they’ll go elsewhere. Are you offering financing options?

Financing options are prevalent today across many industries. Consumers have come to expect them wherever they do commerce. It’s a perk that allows them the privilege of buying now and paying later through low monthly payments. However, the best outcomes are realized when you partner with a financier that operates in a more non-traditional fashion. This allows businesses to offer financing to a wider variety of consumers than what traditional financiers can offer.

The HELPcard is a company that will assist you in helping your prime and near-prime consumers gain the advantage of financing options when they do business with you. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can assist you and your customers.

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