Patient Financing in Orthodontics

Improve Outreach With Patient Financing

patient financingMarketing your orthodontics practice is important, but it often gets pushed aside as you focus on quality care instead of marketing. However, to put you out there in front of more prospective patients, marketing is a key component in reaching that goal. As you develop your marketing strategy, consider including patient financing as one of the tools in your marketing arsenal.

The best marketing strategies attempt to establish a long-term relationship with regional dentists that refer their patients to you. The relationship should be mutually beneficial, which means you’ll have a cooperative agreement that bolsters your practice and theirs. Keeping track of which practices send you the highest percentage of referrals is important, as you’ll want to reciprocate.

Community Outreach
What you do in your office is important, but you also need to consider what you do within your community to support it and its residents. Look for opportunities to volunteer on local social service boards, or sponsor events such as 5K runs, baseball, softball or soccer teams – anything that offers a positive impact on the community. This shows people that you care about what’s going on outside of your business. This also offers you brand recognition that can gain you more patients.

Be a Leader
How is your practice unique from others? This is how you sell yourself as a leader in your expertise to those around you – people who might one day be your paying customer.

Focus on Improvement
Look around at what other orthodontists in your region are doing and offer equal if not better in your practice. For instance, does your waiting room need a makeover? It might seem like a simple thing, but customers’ impression of your practice begins with the first thing they see, and if your interior design is outdated and/or boring, it reflects on your brand. It can also come down to things like being flexible in your hours of operation – being flexible shows that you care about your patients more than you do about your tee time at the local golf course.

Continuing Education
Take the effort to keep your front office staff up to speed on the latest customer service techniques. Also, offer extra training for your technicians so they can more effectively assist you in providing better patient care. Friendly faces and helpful technicians can really boost the overall attitude patients have about your practice, and it will make them loyal customers and brand mascots.

Patient Financing
Orthodontic care is often not covered by insurance. Make sure you’re giving your patients payment options. Patient financing, especially when offered through a non-traditional provider, can be a perfect solution for prime and near-prime consumers.

The HELPcard is a great match for orthodontic practices because we focus on providing patient financing to a wide variety of consumers. This means that you can offer more services to more patients who might not otherwise be able to pay for it. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs and the needs of your patients.

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