Offer a Line of Credit to Your Customers and Increase Your Business

See More Traffic by Offering Customers a Line of Credit

line of creditAre you looking to pull in more traffic to your business, either foot traffic or web traffic? Shake things up a bit and see how you can impact your bottom line. Here are a number of methods others have used to go from stagnant to busy, including offering customers an instant line of credit.

1. Get Involved With the Community
Your organization needs a face that people can connect with. You might be doing all the right advertising, but have you properly marketed yourself to your community? Get involved in volunteer situations, like vying for a board seat on a local social service board or be a sponsor for a local softball league team. The more you can show your community that you care, the more they will care about your business.

2. Meet Your Community Leaders
Similar to getting involved in a social service aspect, you can also get involved in the local Chamber of Commerce and/or Rotary clubs and offer yourself as an industry expert for speaking events. You can also attend non-business related events and get to know people on a more personal level.

3. Give Your Product Away
Don’t feel the need to take a loss here on an extravagant gift, but make an investment in a program where you give away a specific product or service. Remember, the larger the prize, the more publicity you’re going to get, which means that the product or service you’re giving away will pay for itself and then some. Maybe it’s a raffle at a local county fair or an online-only giveaway that pulls more traffic to your organization.

4. Organize an Event
The toughest aspect of most events is the planning. If you’ve got the time, sponsoring a 5K on Thanksgiving or even a marathon in the spring or late summer are socially responsible events that pull active folks out of the woodwork and make them familiar with your brand. Pull in other sponsors to see if they can assist you and share the publicity.

5. Improve Your Customer Service
Take a look at who is at the front of your store or the point of contact at your organization. Are they customer-centric? Would you describe them as “people persons”? You can offer excellent products at fair prices, but if your outward facing employees aren’t kind, you’re going to see that impact in your sales. Make sure you’re bringing in people to work for you that are service oriented.

6. Offer a Line of Credit
Consumers today are highly interested in doing business with an organization that offers a line of credit for purchases. Instead of making one lump sum payment, they want the option to make low monthly payments so their dollars stretch a little farther. Remember to partner with a financier that knows your industry and will offer financing to prime and near-prime consumers. Then you’ll attract a wider variety of consumers, not just the ones with perfect credit.

The HELPcard is a company that can build a financing program around your wants and the needs of your customer base. If you’ve been looking to establish a line of credit for your customers, contact HELPcard today.

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