Patient Financing: One Part of a Solution for Better Business

Using Patient Financing to Boost Loyalty

patient financingDespite all the work you put into becoming a good practitioner, you still need to build up your talent as a business owner. It’s not something most dentists think about as they establish their practice, but you will discover being good at your craft doesn’t negate the need for smart marketing. Could patient financing be a way to better market your business?

A basic yet crucial first step toward building up a good business is to focus on patient outcomes. While most dental problems you see in your patients are the same year after year, patients will prefer different solutions on a case-by-case basis. This means you need to be an effective communicator, which involves understanding what your patients are saying/wanting and then delivering on that. This requires an emotional investment in your patients and the strategic thinking skills to follow through with a workable solution to their problem.

Ask yourself right now – how well do you know your clients? Do they have old problems that they want corrected? Are they in pain and need a solution to ease that pain? Do they simply want to be more outwardly attractive so they can put on a big smile without thinking about hiding it? Or do they need a basic cleaning to satisfy their oral health needs? You’ll need to cater to each of these needs with specific treatment plans that touch them on an individual basis.

If the goal is to boost your company profile by pleasing the customer, you can achieve that by being able to answer the above questions and having the skill to pull it off. However, there is another aspect of customer satisfaction to think about, and it revolves around payment.

After you’ve made your investment on advertising and on building up your company profile through social media and other marketing channels, it’s time to implement a patient financing solution that will hit home with people who either don’t have the out-of-pocket resources to pay for your services, or for those who simply prefer to make low monthly payments over a lump sum payment.
For many Americans dental work is not covered by insurance. This is when your patient financing solutions steps up to give patients an option for a procedure that might otherwise be impossible for them to consider given their current financial status.

Work with a financier that offers flexible, customizable solutions to patient financing. Bring in a partner that offers solutions to prime and near-prime consumers so the patient financing program can be utilized by a wider range of patients. Furthermore, choose a partner that offers an easy, quick application process that lets your patient know almost immediately how their patient financing solution will work.

The HELPcard has experience working with dentists and their patients. We can set up a custom financing program for you and your patients so that you can truly meet their expectations in every conceivable way. Contact us today and let’s discuss your situation.

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