Marketing Your Life Coaching Expertise With Financing Options

Offering Viable Financing Options is an Important Part of Growing Your Business

financing optionsYou’re working to build a successful life coaching career, but sometimes even a life coach needs a little boost to get going in the right direction. There are many ways to market yourself, but with limited time, you need to focus in on a few things that will have a big impact. How do you reach your target audience with marketing materials that will have the most likelihood of turning them into clients? With a variety of channels to get your message out, as well as financing options that capture a wider group of potential clients, you can grow your business.

Here are a few ideas to get your company out in front of your target audience:

Get your elevator pitch ready. Take some time to think about what makes your experience unique and what expertise you have to offer. In other words, what sets you apart from other life coaches? It helps to define what marketers call your brand so that every communication has a consistent message that’s created around your brand. Once you have it defined, continue to refine it until you can state it in a sentence or two.

Join a networking group. Whether it’s a professional organization or a service club, find a way to make contacts in your community. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing channel, and you’ll also find more experienced entrepreneurs that can give you guidance in growing your business. Once you start building relationships, your new contacts will be likely to offer your name to a friend needing the services of a life coach.

Offer free or low-cost workshops. Create a workshop around a topic that you frequently encounter in sessions with your clients. A workshop that focuses on life transitions like divorce and empty nesting, or a class that encourages people in their efforts to increase happiness or build a bucket list can be a draw. You’ll gain both name recognition with the workshop and the potential to gain new clients from the attendees.

Become a trusted source of information. Use a blog to introduce topics that might be helpful to potential clients, focusing on issues like reducing stress in their lives or the benefits of setting boundaries in relationships. Always include a way for your readers to contact you in your blog, and get creative in how you distribute the content. Post your blog on social media or send out a link in an email to your contacts.

Tell your clients you are expanding your business. When you’ve concluded a session with a client, simply let them know that you are expanding and to keep you in mind if they know anyone that would benefit from your services. Clients that have experienced significant benefits from your services will be happy to tell their friends.

Offer financing options. Potential clients may be slipping through your fingers simply for financial reasons. Offer financing options that make life coaching accessible to them and allow you to grow your business.

The HELPcard provides valuable financing options to your clients and helps you grow your business. Your clients receive an immediate decision to prime and non-prime online credit application and enjoy the service of a personal account manager. You will appreciate the ability to capture more sales, while your clients will appreciate the low payments they can access through the HELPcard. Call us today for more information.

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