HELPcard Shares 3 Marketing Trends That Are Front and Center in 2016

Watching Trends and Setting Them With HELPcard

HELPcardWe at HELPcard are uniquely positioned to see trends play out year after year in the retail landscape. This year, we’ve noticed three trends that are important for you as you develop a strategy to grow your business:

1. Offering Experiences Instead of Talking About Them
It’s natural for organizations to boast about what they can claim to do. Some will say that they can do “everything” to “meet your needs.” Consumers may want to believe you if you’re making these claims, but they’re probably going to take a longer, harder look at customer reviews to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Instead of making grand claims, prove you are an experience driven organization. That doesn’t mean you can’t put any focus on clever advertising, it just means that you need to give your current happy clients more opportunities to spread the word about your services.

2. Recognizing Customer Needs
You don’t want to make assumptions about what your target audience wants or needs. You need to drill down and find out what really makes them tick. Are you designing a customer experience based on what you know, or are you offering up what has worked in the past without checking to see if your customer base has evolved?

3. More Options for Paying for Goods and Services
So many industries have begun to offer financing that it’s almost an expected perk when consumers enter just about any establishment. They want options, including low monthly payments over one-time payments that drain their checking accounts and may leave them short for other expenses. They appreciate financing so much that they have become loyal to establishments that offer that to them. This leads to long-term relationships that prove profitable over time and keeps customers returning.

Everyone from funeral home owners to dentists and a large variety of retailers in between have adopted financing programs through professional financiers that give their prime and near prime clients flexibility in how they do commerce.

The HELPcard specializes in instant consumer financing and patient financing. Whether the consumer has A, B or C credit, we can assist in extended them financing. This gives you a chance at increased cash flow due to increased sales. This also gives you a competitive edge because of your newfound ability to offer a wide variety of promotional options to prospective clients. Furthermore, HELPcard gives your clients the option to purchase additional products without having to reapply for financing. Contact us today and let’s discuss the wants and needs of your customers.

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