Consumer Financing as a Part of a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy Can Boost Business

Marketing Tips For Business Growth Include Consumer Financingconsumer financing

There are a number of strategies small business owners can use to boost business, and one that is gaining ground today is consumer financing. Let’s take a look at this and a few other marketing strategies that can boost interest in your business.

Focus on the Customer

Businesses that focus on the customer experience are able to impress upon clients and potential clients the value that their brand will offer. Part of the customer experience today is offering them a website through which they can become better informed about your products and services. Therefore, it’s vital that your online presence has been fully thought through. Does your site load quickly? Is it optimized for mobile? Can customers easily checkout? Do you offer quality images? How catchy are your descriptions of your products?

Marketing Through Email

Email marketing is a cost-effective means of pushing your content out to potential clients; content that fully informs the consumer and turns into a sale. A fully developed email list is required for this to be a successful endeavor. If your message is clear and effective, you’ll see a corresponding increase in the number of orders that will start showing up online or at your storefront.

Content is King

While it’s true that content marketing is pulling in more and more consumers, it has to be prioritized and carried out correctly. Companies that set goals, have a written strategy, and maintain flexibility in their content marketing campaigns will convert about twice as many consumers as companies who have lackluster content marketing practices. Your content should include a variety of sources, including text, such as blogs and case studies, and videos that are instructional in nature.

Consumer Financing

Whether you’re selling high-end products or budget products, a percentage of your clients will want a consumer financing option when they pay for goods and services. When you partner with a financier with flexible programs, you can offer credit to prime and near-prime consumers who prefer this option.

What business owners who have adopted consumer-financing solutions have realized is a more satisfied customer base that becomes loyal to the brand and establishes a long-term business relationship. Return business is less expensive when you consider all the costs associated with pulling in new business. Offering consumer financing actually helps you establish two benefits in one – you’re giving them options for payment while also offering a customer-centric service that makes the consumer feel valued.

The HELPcard has experience in offering financing solutions to business owners in a variety of industries. Contact us today and we’ll discuss the needs of your clients and how we can assist you in setting up a customized financing program.

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