Use The HELPcard Solutions to Bring in More Business

The HELPcard has Programs That Fit Your Needs

The HELPcardSpring is just around the corner and homeowners are thinking about improvement projects and how they’ll pay for them. As a contractor, if you partner with The HELPcard you are going to have the advantage of financing that will put you ahead of competitors in gaining those customers.

Bigger ticket items like a complete kitchen remodel or tearing out a bathroom and starting over from the studs are extensive and expensive projects that take a lot of planning and savings. More common this spring will be projects like roof repair, siding updates/upgrades, gutter replacement, insulation additions and window damage control. While these projects aren’t as costly as remodeling, they still come at a price that not every homeowner will be willing or able to meet, which is why it’s important to offer them options in regard to payment.

As a contractor, you might feel a responsibility to the homeowner to work with them on issues that affect the quality of the home. One of the best places to start is the roof. It’s the top defense against rain, snow, wind and ice. The smallest weakness in the roof can create expensive problems down the line, which is why you need to suggest small repairs. It’s not the most appealing improvement project, but it can be one that is easy to impress upon homeowners once they understand the consequences.

Siding repair/replacement can increase the curb value of a home, but more importantly, it can create energy savings within the home. Temperature fluctuations and wind can do a number on siding, which becomes warped and loose and impacts the overall appearance of a home. Impress upon your potential clients the ease at which newer siding can be cleaned and the savings they can realize where heating and cooling bills are concerned.

Another energy consideration comes in the way of insulation. For homeowners coming out of the depths of winter and with the memory of cold winter nights still fresh in their minds, it can be an easy sell to get them to improve their insulation situation. For instance, adding an additional layer of attic insulation can help keep the top of the home at a constant temperature, which has a positive impact on the home in many ways. The homeowner will be more apt to say “yes” to this spring improvement project if you have a financing solution available to them.

Pick a financier that has programs that will allow near prime consumers to take advantage of them. The HELPcard has solutions available to contractors just like you – solutions that will be a match for prime and near prime consumers who need a little assistance with their home improvement projects this spring.

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