Attract More Clients With Patient Financing

See Patient Satisfaction and Business Improve With Patient Financing

patient financingIt’s not unusual for healthcare professionals to focus more on improving their patient care initiatives than marketing their business. However, a dental practice is a business, and if you’re going to impact the health of those in your community, you need to let them know that your practice is willing and able to serve them. One way to pull in more patients is to offer patient financing.

One of the best ways to strengthen your business is to use marketing techniques that put your name out there in front of more people. To establish your marketing strategy, define your strengths; what sets your practice apart from others around you? Perhaps you have upgraded the tools of your trade to the latest and greatest available – that’s something to promote. Maybe you offer services that others don’t – that’s another opportunity to pull in new clients.

You also have to be honest with who you are, which means you must recognize your flaws. Survey your patients and find out where you need to make improvements. One area that may be on the list is in how your staff treats your clients. You can do some of the most outstanding dental work in your region, but your patients are going to be more impacted by how they were treated when they arrived at your practice. Make sure your front office staff is friendly and outgoing and makes your patients feel like more than just an appointment.

Give your patients a reason to refer friends and family to your practice by offering referral discounts. What amounts to a small discount in the cost of your services rates quite highly in the minds of your patients, which helps to build loyalty and long-term business. Furthermore, it’s a program that will pull in more patients without you having to lift a finger.

You can do wonders for your practice by doing good deeds for your community. Establish some face time with the residents in your area by volunteering for special events or serving on local social service boards. It will prove that you have a vested interest in the community, which can improve the reputation of your practice and result in more patients.

It’s unfortunate that many people are choosing cut-rate insurance programs today, because when they come to practices like yours, they end up paying more out of pocket. You can offset this problem by offering patient financing. Instead of being faced with big bills that will drain their checking account, your patients can take advantage of your patient financing program and pay low monthly fees for your services.

The HELPcard is a proud provider of patient financing for many practices just like yours. Contact us today and let’s discuss a financing program that will serve your prime and near prime patients.

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