Improve Business With Consumer Finance Options

Offer Consumer Finance Options to Increase Sales at Your Pet Store

consumer finance optionsAmericans spend $60 billion on their pets every year, and the number keeps going up as dogs, cats and other pets are increasingly considered to be members of the family. Is your pet shop pulling in as much of that $60 billion as it could be? Follow these steps, including providing consumer finance options, to bring more traffic through your doors.

The pet industry is changing and pet ownership is going up. However, just because you have more people in your area focused on being better pet parents doesn’t mean you’re going to automatically see an increase in profits. Follow these tips to see your business improve:

  • Narrow Your Niche
    What type of store are you? Will you specialize in exotic pets and supplies or will it be more mainstream? Will you focus on fish alone, or will it be dogs? Know the wants and needs of your region and choose wisely.
  • Use Social Media
    Millions of people are connected through social media. Make sure you’re putting your business out in front of those people by creating a social media strategy that turns your business into a thought leader. You can also use social media to bring life to your promotions.
  • Get a Handle on Inventory
    A profitable business is one that is managed carefully. This includes ordering, inventory, profit margins, etc. If you’re selling pet food, you know that it has a relatively short shelf life and that it can also fly off the shelves quickly. Managing inventory is important because having too much or too little will affect your profits.
  • Improve Customer Service
    You could offer the best products in the region, but if your customer service representatives don’t know how to communicate with your customers, you’re not going to succeed. Continuing their education on how to properly serve the public will ensure that your clients will feel like they are wanted.
  • Offer Promotions
    Get your local shoppers motivated to come in and make purchases by offering special, limited slashed pricing on specific items. Research indicates that promotions like these lead to the purchase of items that are not on sale.

There are a number of ways to improve business, but one that is getting more traction today is offering consumer finance options. Consumers have their pick of where to shop and they are increasingly choosing businesses that extend a line of credit. Instead of throwing down a large sum of money for purchases up front, they want the option of low monthly payments. From funeral homes to car dealers to pet stores – consumers want finance options before they say “yes” to a purchase.

The HELPcard is a company that builds finance programs for clients and their prime and near-prime consumers. Our specialty is offering our clients dynamic revolving lines of credit that help to pull in more customers who want options in how they spend their money. Contact us today and let’s discuss your credit program.

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