Financing Options for Medical Spas

Get Ahead of the Competition With Financing Options

fnancing optionsIn today’s competitive market you are competing with many other companies for a consumer’s business. There are a number of current marketing trends to consider to win the business of your target audience including offering financing options as a valuable part of your services.

The reason to consider current marketing trends is that your competition will likely be doing the same, and if you fall behind you could be losing out on methods that work on today’s consumers. Here are a few to consider:

  • Employ a marketing program that helps to generate leads that sales reps can act upon.
  • Offer seminars to educate clients about the benefits of the various treatments you offer.
  • Pull in more patients by offering some services for free for first-time clients. This proves to them the benefits of your treatments and they’ll be more likely to sign up for more. This also pays off in the form of referrals from happy customers.
  • Expand your services to reach out to a wider audience. This might include bringing in more team members with specialized treatment experience.

Some med-spas see growth in expansion of their facilities, which can mean adding on to the current facility or branching out to another building down the road that targets a specific demographic. This often takes a good deal of research, as it can be quite costly and difficult to start a new business from the ground up, even if you have name recognition across town.

Looking internally at specific issues regarding your current space can also open up new avenues for revenue. For instance, how customer-centric are your employees? Did you know that patients often judge the quality of a med-spa based on how they are treated by the receptionist? You could have the best treatments in town and lose out because of a bad experience with a member of the front office. Make sure your staff are trained on how to interact with clients and that they are people-oriented.

There are also financing options to consider when it comes to pulling in more business. Financing options are available through just about every type of business today, from veterinarians to funeral homes to your favorite retailer. Your potential clients are doing their research online before they come through your front door or before they make a call for an appointment, which means you need to advertise through your website and social media pages that you offer financing options.

To get connected to the most productive financing program, choose a financier that offers options to prime and near-prime consumers. This will ensure that your services are available to a wider variety of consumers.

The HELPcard is the financier you’re looking for to improve business at your med-spa. We have programs that are custom built for each individual business owner. Contact us today and find out how we’ll approach your needs and the needs of your customers.

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