Business Growth With Consumer Financing

Consumer Financing Gives Your Customers Options

consumer financingRetailers with experience know that the industry is constantly evolving. The customer has always been the most important component of the process, but today’s focus on more customer-centricity is really taking hold. To be fully customer-centric, you have to know their preferences, which includes their preference in how they spend their money. Offering consumer financing is increasingly becoming an important aspect of doing business today.

The best businesses embrace change, look for trends that will affect their organization, and capitalize on them. You have to adapt to the changes and make a concerted effort to never grow complacent or too comfortable. Below are a few changes and trends hitting retailers today.

Staying Connected

How are you staying current with your customer’s needs? Are you having regular conversations with them? Gathering vital feedback from customers gives you the information you need to make positive changes that will result in better customer retention, loyalty to your brand, and better cash flow. Some companies have gone as far as to let their customers weigh in on the direction of new products or services. It’s an engagement method that really works.

Technology Habits

Most buyers come to your shop armed with the information they need to make a purchase. They’re doing this through online searches, apps, etc., mostly on their mobile phones. This means you need to make sure your site is mobile friendly. It should include phone numbers, map access and email addresses that can be utilized with little effort.


Consumers aren’t content with one-size-fits-all solutions. They don’t want to feel like a number, and they want to feel like their business actually means something to their retailers. Personalized shopping experiences are a way to show them that they are more than a number to you.

First, you have to gather all the data you have on your audience, and then use it to get the personalization process started. You can start tailoring offers that will be of value to them when you know what they want. Start making recommendations through targeting emails … it’s all about reaching out and showing you know who they are and what they want.

Offer Consumer Financing

Consumers have choices when it comes to spending money today. The growing preference is to sign up for a line of credit at their favorite shops. Even dentists, veterinarians and funeral homes are getting into the financing game because they know that their customers are getting the same treatment at other businesses. It’s time for you to consider consumer financing as a relevant solution that can help give your business a boost.

Don’t try to become a financier yourself – leave that up to the professionals. Choose a third party to assist you in setting up a consumer financing program that will work for you and for your customers. The HELPcard can assist. Contact us and let’s discuss your business, the needs of your customers and how we can accommodate them.

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