Patient Financing: A Proven Patient Building Strategy

How Patient Financing Improves Other Outreach Strategies to Draw New Clients to Your Dental Practice

patient financingAt the start of a New Year you may have several goals for your dental office and support staff. Many of these goals probably come back to growing your patient base and increasing revenue. In a competitive field it’s not enough to be a skilled health provider, you also need a well-crafted plan for drawing in patients and rewarding existing ones. Utilizing digital outlets, providing quality care and offering patient financing are just three of the ways you can take control of reaching your goals this year.

Providing Quality Care

The best way to expand your patient base is through the positive referrals you receive from existing patients. Each patient’s experience in your office is a potential lead to a new patient. You need to provide quality dentistry, but you also need to train your staff to create a positive patient experience. No matter how excellent your skills, if the office staff doesn’t interact with patients professionally and caringly, that’s the impression a patient will take out of your office. If you get the patient experience right, you can expect to reap the benefits in the form of new patient referrals.

Utilizing Digital Outlets

After the word-of-mouth advertising you receive from current patients, the next most powerful decision you can make is to be where potential patients are looking…and that is online. You need more than just an online presence however. You need a site that can help lead to new patients walking through your office door. Ask each patient how they found you. If fewer than three percent say they found you through your website – it could be time for a website upgrade.

In addition, you’ll want to utilize social media platforms that line up with where your target audience is. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are popular social media outlets for consumers. Decide where you’re most likely to post regularly and keep things fresh with links, blogs, pictures and industry information. These are also great venues for posting patient reviews and testimonials. The words of satisfied patients are powerful.

Patient Financing
Looking for a way to stand out? Offer patient financing. Apart from the fear people have about visiting the dentist’s office the biggest deterrent to new patients is concern over the cost of your services. You don’t need clever gimmicks to overcome this obstacle – just make it known that you care enough about patient concerns to help them out by providing a financial assistance program. Your existing patients will spread the word and new patients will see you as a caring health provider.

The HELPcard has over 30 years of experience helping health professionals offer patients a way to access services when money is an obstacle. Our customizable credit card lets patients get the treatment they need and make affordable monthly payments. We can even do the billing for you. Contact us and find out how patient financing can be an easy way to meet your growth goals in the New Year.

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