Consumer Finance Options for After the Holiday Season

Using Consumer Finance Options for Smarter Business

consumer finance optionsThe holidays are typically an extremely busy time of year for most retailers. While the lull following the storm might be a welcome break, you are likely already looking ahead to how you can increase your business during the weeks following the holiday rush. Providing consumer finance options could be one of the best ways to bring in more business.

If you want to keep the ball rolling long after the holiday shoppers have gone back to their normal routines, you need to consider new ways of marketing your products and/or services. You should have a wealth of information about your clients based on what they bought from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Use this information to figure out which customers could be interested in other products you have.
If a customer purchases item A, which is closely related to item B, but doesn’t purchase item B, this gives you valuable information. You know the two products compliment each other, so why not offer a special discount on that item? Send out an email or letter that informs them of the discount. This personalized attention is something they’ll remember; giving you the loyalty you need to see return business, year after year.

Make sure you are on the social media platforms that your target audience is on and see where it takes you, but do it wisely. Don’t make every post about your business – make it about the industry. Become a thought leader in your industry and a go-to page for consumers who want updates they can use to inform their purchasing decisions. Once you’ve developed an audience, you can use this platform to occasionally offer information on specials you are having at your business, or any promotion that will lead to more sales.

Consumers have options when it comes to deciding where they spend their money, and how it’s spent. Consumers are also finding options in how they make their purchases – through a debit card, credit card, or in-store financing. Is your organization open to giving consumers more options?

Some of your products or services might have a higher one-time cost that some consumers can’t pay for all at once. These are consumers that require consumer finance options that involve low monthly payments instead of large, one-time payments. However, don’t try to offer consumer finance options on your own – bring in a third party.

A financier that specializes in working with businesses like yours should be part of your strategy to increase business. Find one that works with prime and near prime consumers so you can offer your services to the widest range f consumers. The HELPcard has more than 30 years experience in working with businesses like yours to provide consumer finance options. Contact us today and find out how we’ll approach your organization’s needs.

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