Looking for a New Marketing Strategy? Try a Revolving Line of Credit

Offering a Revolving Line of Credit for Pet Owners Can Increaserevolving line of credit Business

Americans spend nearly $60 billion a year on their cats, dogs and other animals. Are you getting your fair share at your pet grooming business? There are a number of marketing ideas to consider, however, don’t forget to research the benefits of offering a revolving line of credit to pull in more customers.

Go Above and Beyond

If you’re really trying to make an impression on your customers, remember to meet their needs and then take it a step further. For instance, most pet owners want their furry friends to come out of your shop looking good and smelling nice. You can do extremely small things on top of that to make a big impression. If you’ve got dogs coming in for grooming around a holiday, why not give them a holiday themed bandana to wear? Bandanas can be bought in bulk to reduce your cost. Despite the small cost to your business, it’s going to make a big impression on your clients who will then recommend you to their friends and family.

Social Media

Give your business a page of its own on your favorite social media platforms. You can utilize Instagram to post pictures of your freshly groomed dogs, and perhaps even offer a before and after post. Pets are quite popular on Instagram, which means if your hashtag game is on, you’ll be able to put your business in front of many eyes (300 million users are active on a monthly basis).

Web Functionality

Have you optimized your website lately? Is it mobile friendly? Look around on it like you’re a new user and make sure the user experience is flawless. Your mobile site should be complete with maps and phone numbers that can be clicked on for immediate access.

Reward Customers

Something as simple as a rewards program can give your clients a little boost of loyalty to your business. Offering discounts and rewards to frequent customers not only ensures that they’ll return, it could also be what convinces them to talk you up to others about your services, which pushes more business your way.

Consumers Want Payment Options

Consumers can get a revolving line of credit just about anywhere they spend money today. It’s so commonplace that it only makes sense for you to get into the financing game yourself. This isn’t to say that you should become a financier – you should go to a third party that has experience.

Pet grooming is considered by many to be a luxury. In some cases, depending on the breed of the animal, it’s a necessity. Unfortunately, the expense might be significant for some clients or potential clients. When you offer a revolving line of credit, you’re giving these individuals a way to pay for your services without stress. Instead of a one-time payment, they can spread it out with several small monthly payments.

The HELPcard is here to help your small business gain the attention of more clients. Our services offer financing to prime and near prime consumers. Contact us today and we’ll talk about how we’ll set up a credit card program for your business.

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