Offer Financing Options for Value-Added Projects

Help Homeowners Choose the Best Investment, Then Provide Financing Options

Financing OptionsWhen you work with homeowners to help them design a project that will bring present enjoyment and get a good return on the investment, all projects are not equal. Some projects are a good choice simply because the homeowners want to fulfill a vision they have for their home. However, in most cases, one goal of a renovation is to increase the value of the home and make it more appealing to buyers. You can help your clients choose a high-value project, and then offer them financing options to make it possible.

Here are some considerations for walking homeowners through a renovation decision:

Start with reasonable expectations. Homeowners will need guidance related to how much of their investment will be regained when they sell the house. It is a rare situation in which a renovation reaps more in the selling than the homeowners spent on the project. However, if you work together on a savvy remodeling plan, it’s possible to create a kitchen or a bath that looks much more expensive than it is.

Work with what’s already there. To maximize the return on your investment, start with the existing floor plan and improve what’s there. For instance, some of the projects that have the highest rate of return are window replacements and new siding. If the homeowners are not planning to sell anytime soon, they will also enjoy the immediate and ongoing savings of new windows or maintenance-free siding.

Another improvement that can be a good investment is the conversion of an attic into a bedroom area. Other changes that stay within the existing structure, like converting a hallway closet into a powder room, are also good choices for reaping a high return on the investment.

Replace the front door. If the homeowner is looking for a relatively inexpensive project with a good return, encourage them to replace the front door. Front door replacements have a return on investment of 96.6 percent. However, the homeowner needs to be sure that they choose the right front door, made with high-quality materials and with a design that fits the house. Keep in mind, too, that painting the front door could have the same effect as replacing it, with a much smaller investment.

Think of the back doors, too. A popular renovation is to replace a back door with French doors that open to the backyard. It opens up the room and makes a backyard feel more like additional living space than a separate part of the property.

Offer financing options to homeowners. Once you have identified the project that will bring both present enjoyment and bring the best value, the homeowner needs to find a way to pay for the project. Offer financing options so that the homeowners you work with will have everything they need for the project, from one source.

The HELPcard offers financing options to your clients that will give them immediate credit decisions and allow you to get started on their project right away. With The HELPcard, you’ll secure jobs that you might otherwise have been forced to watch walk away. Contact The HELPcard today to find out more about the financing options we have for your clients.

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