6 Strategic Steps to Improve Holiday Business at Your Dental Practice Include Patient Financing

Patient Financing and Holiday Strategies to Draw in More Business

patient financingThe holidays can mean an increase in business for many industries, but it’s usually a time of low customer engagement for dentists. However, it doesn’t have to be. With just a few strategic steps, including offering patient financing, you can avoid the holiday decline.

1. Market your services. Sit down with your staff and come up with a plan about which products/services you’ll push over the busy holiday season. How can you tie in Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Hanukah, Kwanza, and Valentines Day in the services you provide? Come up with unique ideas that will grab the attention of your customer base.

2. Outreach is vital. Come up with answers to questions that concern or should be concerning your clients over the Holidays, and put them in a newsletter. For instance, they’ll likely be munching on sugary treats with more frequency than any other time of the year – what effect will this have on their dental health?

3. Offer holiday specials. Nothing pushes your appointment calendar to its limit like a discount on your services. Send out holiday-themed cards to your clients that promote items that might be of special interest to them. This focus on individual patients might be a time consuming effort, but it will pay off in more ways than one.

4. Boost your social media presence. Your clients should consider your Facebook page as the “thought leader” in all things dental related. Utilize some of your material from your newsletter in your social media feeds to keep your followers informed on Holiday-themed topics. It’s okay to sneak in a promotional item here and there, just don’t do it too regularly.

5. Focus on Flex spending. It’s the end of the year, which means your clients could probably use a reminder about their Flex spending accounts, which are often a use it or lose it situation. This could be an opportunity for them to spend it on services that aren’t covered by insurance, such as teeth whitening. Consider an email blast to your clients, or include this information/promotion in your newsletter.

6. Offer patient financing. Consumers today expect to have options when it comes to their daily commerce interactions. The Washington Post published an article last year that cites a study by Bankrate.com that says 50 percent of Americans carry $20 or less on the average day. Most consumers are using other methods of paying including credit cards or financing options. When you bring in a third party to set up a patient financing program, you’ll pull in more clients, especially during the busy holiday season when they want to keep their checking accounts full for gifts and travel.

The HELPcard is a company that specializes in working with businesses just like yours. We can set up a patient financing program that will be a perfect match for prime and near prime consumers. Contact us today and we’ll tell you more about our services.

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