Financing Options for Pet Owners

Americans Love Their Pets; Give Them Financing Options to Provide the Best Care

financing optionsOver the past decade, Americans have grown beyond just treating themselves to manicures, pedicures and spa services. Now, they want the same pampering for their pets. Whether it’s basic grooming or more specialized spa pet treatments, give your customers the financing options they want and need to care for their pets.

Here are a few facts from a recent Gallup poll that gives an overview of American pet ownership:

  1. More than half of all Americans are pet owners, with six out of 10 caring for a furry (or scaly) friend. Forty-four percent of Americans have a dog and 29 percent have a cat. Among pet owners, dogs are on top: 73 percent are dog owners, while 49 percent have a cat. Seventeen percent of pet owners have both a cat and a dog.
  1. Some Americans prefer pets other than cats and dogs. Ten percent of Americans own a fish and five percent have birds. Only two percent have reptiles, snakes or lizards, and two percent have hamsters or guinea pigs. Two percent of Americans have horses and one percent have rabbits.
  1. People love to identify themselves with the personalities of animals. Seventy percent of Americans identify as “dog people” while 20 percent say they are “cat people.” This includes the margin of those that own both a cat and a dog. Only those that have a cat and no dog routinely refer to themselves as “cat people.”
  1. Americans include Fido on their Christmas shopping list. Sixty-eight percent of Americans that have pets have given them a toy or other gift on Christmas. Dogs are particularly more likely to find a present under the tree. Seventy-six percent of dog owners have given their dogs presents compared to 46 percent of pet owners that do not have a dog. Only 54 percent of cat owners give a gift if they do not also have a dog to buy for at Christmas.
  1. Pets might make us happier. Sixty percent of Americans believe that pet owners have more satisfying lives when compared with non-pet owners. Only three percent of pet owners say that having a pet leads to a less-satisfying life. One-third of Americans say that having a pet has no influence on how satisfying a life is.
  1. Married, younger people with kids are the most likely segment of the population to have pets. Single and older people, as well as those without kids, are less likely to have pets.

When you consider the important place that pets have in American home life, it’s important to offer financing options so that pets can be given the care, love and pampering that their owners want for them.

The HELPcard provides the financing options your customers need to lovingly care for their pets. With online applications and immediate credit decisions, The HELPcard helps you capture business that may otherwise walk out the door. Call us today to find out how The HELPcard provides financing options without any risk to your company.

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