Patient Financing: Pay Attention to the Details to Help Your Practice Grow

How Patient Financing Can Help Your Practice Grow

patient financingIt’s unfortunate that just being good at your craft doesn’t immediately inundate your practice with patients. While patients do appreciate a dentist who is an expert at what they’re doing, they’re also influenced by what happens outside of the chair. Patient financing, for example, is something more and more consumers are looking for when they choose a dentist.

Your practice has potential that you may not even know exists. Most dentists are laser-focused on providing the best care possible, and that’s a good thing, but to grow a practice, it takes attention to details that aren’t always touched upon during dental school. Here are a few of those details:

  • Verbal Skills
    The entire team needs to possess the communication skills that keep patients coming back. These are skills that also lead to word-of-mouth marketing whereby your patients tell their friends and family about how well they are treated by you and your staff. These skills can also translate to your scripts you use to inform patients of procedures they need for better oral health, but are often passed upon because of cost. Effectively conveying how vital a service is to their health is important, not only for their health but for the financial health of your practice.
  • Improve Scheduling
    Nobody likes to wait. Regardless of how many televisions or magazines you have in your waiting room, your clients have other places to be. If you get them in and out fast, you’re going to improve client satisfaction, which leads to prolonged business with that client. This might require addressing your current scheduling system and making the necessary improvements.
  • Place More Importance on Your Hygienists
    Your patients aren’t just coming to see you – they’re forming bonds with your hygienists. Patients spend more time with them they do with you, which means they need to be well trained, not only in their craft, but also in how they relate to patients. Your hygienists should know them by name and greet them warmly when they come in for their regular appointments.
  • Meet with Your Staff Regularly
    Meetings can really weigh down the work morale, which is why you should keep yours informative and positive. Some practices will shun the regular morning meeting altogether, but this goes against performance statistics that show that well-informed staff members are more productive. Use these meetings to address strengths and offer praise to your staff. Also, use these meetings to address potential problem areas; get to them before they derail your practice.

All of these communication skills are important for your practice but won’t be able to help a patient who can’t pay for a procedure they need. Consumers today need options in how they spend their money. Offer patient financing and watch your customer satisfaction rates improve and your client list grow. Patient financing is best left to professionals, so do your research and find an organization that works with practices like yours.

The HELPcard has years of experience working with dentists and their patients on financing options. Contact us today and find out how we can give your operation a boost.

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