Consumer Finance Options for a Customer-Centric World

Improve Profits With Consumer Finance Options

consumer finance optionsWe’ve barely gotten into the first week of fall, but it’s time to start thinking about your strategies for the Holidays. The National Retail Federation says Americans spend around $600 billion on Christmas, Kwanza and Hanukah related items. What can you do to get a bigger share of that money? You need a strategic marketing plan that includes consumer finance options.

It’s Not Only About Christmas

Nothing says “Holidays!” like a little Christmas music, but limiting yourself to moneymaking opportunities related to this holiday alone risks losing potential profits. Did you know there is a holiday for small businesses? It’s true and you can capitalize on it by marketing this day when consumers support small businesses. According to research by American Express, consumers in 2012 spent $5.5 billion on this day, which falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Get Social Media in on the Holiday Strategy

People get really distracted around the Holidays with planning their vacations and planning which family members they’ll travel to visit. There is plenty of noise from retailers who purchase massive amounts of advertising for the Holidays. Plan out your editorial calendar far in advance of the Holidays so you’re being proactive, not reactive with your social media content. When your plan is in place, you can jump on top of opportunities to comment on your posts to promote more conversation in your virtual community.

Keywords Are Vital

Consumers are using the Internet to do a majority of the research on products they are thinking about purchasing. In fact, the average consumer has done about 80 percent of the research before they engage with you or your employees about a product or service. Make sure your search engine optimization strategies include research into the best keywords to use so you’ll get a higher ranking on search engine results. This could include some research into hashtags that will work to improve your social media strategies.

Focus on Customer Service

Being customer-centric is something that works year-round, but don’t think that just because consumers get a little more loose with their money around the Holidays that you can slack on customer service. Show them how much you appreciate their business by sending out Holiday-related thank you notes to your loyal customers, and perhaps offer them coupons for a special discount. This will boost loyalty points as well as improve your cross-selling opportunities when they come in to redeem their coupons.

Offer Consumer Financing

Consumer financing options put more power in the hands of the buyer. It’s not secret that when a company does offer consumer financing, they see more purchases over a shorter period of time from more people. Consumers prefer low monthly payments to shelling out the majority of their paycheck in one purchase. By offering consumer financing, you’re making good on more than one front: you’re pulling in more profits, increasing loyalty to your brand, and being customer-centric by giving consumers what they want.

The HELPcard is a company that customizes programs for prime and non-prime consumers. Tell about your needs and we’ll build a program that fits.

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