Instant Credit Brings More Traffic to Your Business

Give Your Customers Options With an Instant Credit Program

instant creditYou can’t always rest on the laurels of your product alone to draw customers to your business. Sometimes it takes an instant credit option to pull in more foot traffic. There are a number of other strategies also to consider as you work to grow your business. First, consider the ways you are marketing your business now and how you can improve those efforts.

Appreciate your customers. You already appreciate them, but how are you showing it? There is a good chance you have semi-regular customers right now that could easily be turned into regular customers by rewarding them for their loyalty. For instance, you could host a customer appreciation day once a week where you offer 10 percent off all items for card-holding members of your regular’s club. Get creative and think of a way to give your customers something back for their regular service.

Pay for advertising. You shouldn’t overspend on this strategy, but make a budget for this activity and do it regularly. Newspaper and magazines are a good choice if you have widespread publications in your region. If the budget is healthy enough, consider regular television and/or radio spots.
Reach your target audience advertising on the right social media platforms. There is no shortage of social media sites that connect you with your target audience. Build up a social media strategy that is consistent across all channels and alter it ever so slightly to conform to each specific site. Remember, social media isn’t all about self-promotion; it’s about creating a community of like-thinking individuals. You should only self-promote in 10 percent or fewer of your posts. Focus more on bringing up topics related to your industry.

Offer package deals. The data you have on what your customers have bought will reveal items that are frequently bought at the same time. Consider bundling these products at a discount and you’ll likely see an uptick in foot traffic at your store. Be sure to advertise heavily for these packaged items, and you’ll see not only heavy foot traffic but more sales from other items as well.

Up your customer service game. Not much can sink a business faster than having staff on the floor that have poor customer service skills. You can improve your business drastically by hiring people who are naturally friendly and excited to assist customers find what they need.

Offer financing. Consumers today are getting access to financing with just about every purchase they make. Give them the incentive to shop with you by partnering with a financier that can build a custom financing program around your business model. Choose one that offers an instant credit option so your customers can quickly and easily get the financing they need to make purchases at your business.

Contact The HELPcard today and we’ll discuss your options for a financing solution that offers instant credit to your prime and sub-prime customers.

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