Give Your Clients Options With Low Monthly Payments

Low Monthly Payments Help You Increase Your Business

low monthly paymentsIt’s estimated that there are as many as 80 million dogs and 96 million cats living in households throughout the U.S. Pet owners are spending $60 billion a year on their beloved pets. Are you getting your share of that money? If you offered financing with low monthly payments, you could be seeing more business.

Here are some tips to consider for developing a more successful pet store:

  • Look for ways your store can differ from your competitors. See what the need is in your area and establish a plan that will make your store unique.
  • Study up on proper store layout so that your products have a better chance of popping out to your clients and your store has an efficient flow to it.
  • If your target audience has the budget to pay for the best merchandise, order it. If your products are of a higher quality than pet stores around you, you will rise above the competition.
  • Find locally made pet treats or toys and sell them at your store. This will help you develop more of a community feel and attract more customers.
  • Your pet habitats, such as aquariums, kennels and bird cages, must be cleaned daily to keep up appearances. If you’ve got a dead fish in one of your aquariums, pull it out immediately. This attention to detail will convince customers that you are a high-quality store.
  • Allow your customers to bring their pets into the store. This is a fun activity for pet owners and their pets, and they’ll think highly of you for opening your doors as a truly pet-friendly business.
  • Keep your employees trained on the latest customer service methods and on the products that will benefit pets. They can pass this knowledge on to customers and help them make informed purchases.

Another thing to consider is offering a financing option with low monthly payments. This will go a long way in improving customer loyalty and return business. Consumers today are able to get financing for services across industries, from funerals to clothes.

Find a reputable financier that is capable of building a program around your needs and the needs of your customers. The right financier will assist you in reaching out to consumers with A, B and C credit. This can significantly increase your sales, your business and your cash flow.

The HELPcard is a consumer financing business that provides you an easy, online processing tool that offers your clients a quick and easy way to get financing. All our clients are assigned an account manager and every solution is unique so that it fits your business plan. If you’re looking for a way to give your clients financing with low monthly payments, choose The HELPcard.

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